In Honor Of

Lorraine R. Olsen (1925-2015)

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Lorraine Olsen was a lifetime animal lover from her first rescue dog, Rascal, to her current border terrier, Willie. Any animal found roaming the streets soon found itself in our house with a warm bed and a full belly until its owner or forever home could be found. This included cats, dogs, birds, turtles and Betsy, the chicken. She passed her love of animals to her 6 children, 9 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren who all have dogs and/or cats and turtles.

She particularly appreciated the work that the Evanston Animal Shelter does. She often mentioned that she would like to volunteer there, but her health and age prevented that. So she did what she could to help out. On several occasions she asked that family and friends give needed items to the shelter instead of gifts to her for birthdays or Christmas. It pleased her to be able to bring a carload of wish list items to the shelter.

To continue her appreciation of the shelter, donations were made in her memory to the Evanston Animal Shelter.