Adopt Tinker Taylor

Do you want to give a loving, special cat a home? Meet Tinker Taylor.


12243089_10106919230892760_2024286296627017882_n“I have spent almost all of my life at the shelter, just waiting for a very special person to welcome me into their home. At only six weeks old, I was found by a nice citizen and brought to the shelter. I’ve been waiting months to find the right home. I’m about a year old, so I think a forever home would be the greatest birthday present I could receive. When I came to the shelter, the volunteers noticed that I didn’t walk very well and never used my litter box. I was poked and prodded by many veterinarians to figure out what was wrong with me. It turns out I was just born this way! I have an incurable neurological condition that impacts my ability to use my back legs and control my bladder and bowels. The workers and volunteers at the shelter have to express my bladder and bottom to help me use the bathroom three times a day. If they don’t, I can’t really control my bladder and leave little puddles when I run around. Have I mentioned that I can run? My legs may not work too well, but I have sure adapted! The volunteers here love the cute way I move; it’s unique just like me.

tink-gifEven though I have some limitations, I am the best cat anyone could ask for. I love spending time with people and other cats. In fact, I’m often introduced to new, nervous cats to teach them how to play. I’d love to have a kitty brother or sister, but just a forever home would be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I have waited so long to find a home. Although I know that my bladder issues add extra responsibilities, I will reward you with so much love and companionship. I don’t deserve to live in a cage for the rest of my life because of a disability that’s out of my control.“

To adopt Tinker, you may have to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. Tink needs to be expressed multiple times a day. Even with regular expression of her bladder and bowels, she sometimes leaks urine when she runs or has other accidents. Her owner needs to be patient and understanding of these issues. If you want to meet this special girl, email or come by the Evanston Animal Shelter during our adoption hours!