Robert Wagner-Adopted!


Robert Wagner is a gentle, shy, and absolutely charming senior gentleman looking for a home. His current foster describes him as being the perfect houseguest. Mr. Wagner seems most at home around other felines, so we very much want him to find a family with one (or more) docile and welcoming cats.  If you would like to meet Robert Wagner, please contact to make arrangements. He will be waiting, patiently.

Sugar – Adopted!


If you’re looking for a calm, sweet, beautiful companion, Sugar just might be your girl. She’s a little shy at first but when she warms up she is all about being petted and brushed and just hanging out. Sugar is about two years old, and would be happiest in a home without small children.

Ozzy – Adopted!

My name is Ozzy, and I’m a 12 year old puggle. I may be an older dog, but I still have tons of energy and can move like a puppy! Like most pugs, I snort when I’m excited and have an adorably smushy face. My ideal family would have lots of love and sitting in laps. If you can open your heart and home to an older guy like me, email to set up an appointment to meet me!

Size: 30 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Older
Dogs: With the right fit
Cats: Not yet tested

Marvin – Adopted!

I’m Marvin, and I’m patiently waiting for a new home after my previous owners abandoned me at a park. I’m not sure why though, because I am the sweetest boy! I am friendly with everyone I meet, and I listen very well. I’m always up to learn new things. Right now, I’m working on my leash manners! After a day of playing, I’d love to relax on the couch and watch some Netflix with you! Who could say no to that?

Size: 65 lbs.
Energy level: High, but settles well
Kids: Yes
Dogs: Not right now
Cats: Sure!

Foxy – Adopted!

I’m Foxy (short for Foxy Lady!), and I might be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! At least that’s what I’ve been told at the shelter. I’m a tiny dog with sweet, soulful eyes. I have an adorable, perky walk and love to go for long walks outside. I also love to nap, and have even taken a nap or two in a sweatshirt pocket! I can be a little shy when you first meet me, but once I know you, I’ll give you the sweetest little kisses and wag my tail like crazy to see you! I’m patiently waiting for my new home at the shelter, so come by so we can meet!

Size: <10 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Older, respectful
Dogs: With the right fit
Cats: Not yet tested

Charlotte – Adopted!

My name is Charlotte, and I’m a shy, sensitive girl who is looking for a new family. The volunteers here can’t resist my sad, soulful puppy eyes, so I’m hoping you can’t either! I love to go for long walks, which is great because I need to shed some weight. I might be a little shy when I first meet you, but I do warm up quickly and love affection. Please come to the shelter to meet me; I’ll be waiting for you!

Size: 65 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Yes!!
Dogs: No thanks
Cats: Sure!

North – Adopted!

My name is North, and I am such a special girl. I came to the shelter a month ago. Before that, I had never left my backyard. I was so scared of this new world that I literally could not move. The volunteers had to carry me inside while I peed all over myself out of fear. I had never seen a leash or known human attention. When the volunteers softly started to clean the dirt off of my fur with a warm wash cloth, I realized that I kinda liked the feeling of human touch. The volunteers spent hours with me as I took my first real steps and cheered me on as I started to explore my new world. I loved meeting all the dogs at the shelter and became braver around them. After a few weeks, I felt comfortable enough to let my true personality shine. I am an active, silly, 7 month old girl with a butt that never stops wiggling. I was born with a severe overbite and extended soft palate, so I snort ALL the time and get tired very easily. When I get too excited or get the zoomies, I can have trouble breathing, so I need to take a minute to calm down. Otherwise, I am a happy healthy girl who deserves to find a forever home. I’d love to live with dogs or kids that will play with me and take me on more adventures!

Size: 35 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Yes please!
Dogs: Yes please!
Cats: Not yet tested

Ray – Adopted with Q!

Looking for a sensitive boy with beautiful eyes to spend your days with? Look no further. My name is Ray, and I’m a young, small black lab. I can be nervous and shy with new people, but I’m easily won over. Once I know you, I just want to sit by your side and look into your eyes. I enjoy going for long walks, but sometimes I get nervous and bark and hide from strangers. If I know you really well, I occasionally get the “zoomies” and run around like crazy; the volunteers here love seeing my goofy side. If you want a loving, mellow companion, come meet me at the shelter.

Size: 45 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Respectful
Dogs: With the right fit
Cats: Yes

Q – Adopted!

I’m Q, an extremely handsome Shepherd-mix who is waiting for the perfect home! I’m a smart, sweet boy who loves to go for long walks and explore. I’m very strong, so I’m looking for a home with an experienced owner who can help me get the exercise I need. I love to play fetch, and I’ll be waiting with a tennis ball to meet you at the shelter!

Size: 60 lbs.
Energy level: High
Kids: Older
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Not yet tested


Keke is a sweet, shy 7 year old who will melt your heart. Life at the shelter was very difficult for her but we have been lucky enough to find patient and kind fosters for her, and she is doing wonderfully. She is cautious with new people and surroundings but once she gets comfortable her affectionate, playful personality comes out. Her current foster family will be moving at the end of March so we have our fingers crossed that Keke will find her forever home by then. She’s looking for a calm house with no small children, and would prefer to be the only pet. If you ‘d like to meet this gentle girl please email to make arrangement.



Parker is quite possibly the sweetest, most affectionate cat at the shelter. She’s a bit of a talker, and definitely lets us know when she would like some attention, please! Parker is FIV+ so she needs to be an only cat, or could share a home with another FIV+ cat. She also could safely have a canine sibling. Stop by and meet Parker – she’ll probably be anxious to say ‘hello” to you


Here’s what my foster dad says about me: “Are you ready for love and kisses? Honey is a really sweet girl that would, more than anything, love a forever face to kiss. She absolutely loves cuddling and being loved. Honey has been at the shelter for a while, but she is a very different dog at home. Honey really loves long walks, and short runs. She is a very polite and good runner. She does have good energy and likes to play, but she has been calming down every day. Honey would prefer to lay on your lap, but she listens very well and would love to sit next to someone and just hang out. Very well trained in: sit, paw, lay down, and stay. She is a very smart girl with an active mind, but she is quite low maintenance and a sweet girl. Overall a very sweet and special girl and has been a total pleasure to foster. Let’s find this perfect girl the perfect forever home!” I’m currently being fostered off-site, so email if you’d like to meet me!

Size: 50 pounds
Energy level:  Likes to run and play but settles well and also loves to cuddle and sleep.
Kids:  Dog savvy
Dogs:  Not for me – I want you all to myself!
Cats:  Yes

Ripley – Adopted!

I’m Ripley, an adorable little girl who just adores being around people. I’m the perfect size, too! My ideal family would be home often (I get separation anxiety) and maybe even have another dog for me to play with! Sound like you? Email to set up an appointment to meet me!

Dash – Adopted!

My name is Dash, and it fits me perfectly because of my dashing good looks! I’m 7 years old, but I’m a puppy at heart. When I’m excited about something, my little front feet march in anticipation. I love to play with toys (fetch and being chased around are my favorites), and I’m also good with other dogs! The only thing I don’t really like is to be picked up, but that’s fine because I walk and jump with so much enthusiasm. Add me to your family and you definitely won’t regret it!

Size: 15 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: No
Dogs: No thanks!
Cats: Yes

Molly Shannon – Adopted!

Don’t I look like such a sweetheart?! I am! My name is Molly, and I’m a young girl who still has her puppy energy and playfulness! I have a lot of energy to burn off, so I’m looking for an active family to take me on adventures that doesn’t mind teaching me some manners (I love seeing people so much that sometimes I can’t help myself, I jump all over them to give kisses!). I also would love a canine sibling who can show me the ropes (and the rope toys…)! Sound like you? Come on over to the shelter, and ask to meet me!

Size: 45 lbs.
Energy level: High
Kids: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Not yet tested

Otis – Adopted!

My name is Otis, and I’m such a good boy! I love to be around people. I’m the perfect size for snuggling, not too big and not too small. The workers and volunteers love having me in the office with them because I am just happy to relax. However, once it’s playtime, I will play for hours. Long walks are the best, but I also love fetch. The one thing I don’t like is other dogs, so I need to be the only pet in my future home. Please come and meet me soon, because I sure am anxious to find a home!

Size: 35 lbs.
Energy level: High
Kids: Respectful
Dogs: Absolutely not
Cats: No thanks!

Casper – Adopted!

I’m Casper. I was found on the street, emaciated and scared. The nice person brought me to the shelter, where I was relieved to have a warm kennel with beds and blankets to rest on. I was really nervous around strangers, but began to open up. With the weight I was at, I shouldn’t have been able to do much physically, but once I started trusting the nice volunteers, I was playing and jumping like you wouldn’t believe! I’ve been slowly gaining weight, and with every pound I gain, my real personality started to show through. Now, I’m ready to move on from the shelter to a forever home. I’m a sweet, snuggly boy with a lot of playful energy. Toys are my favorite (I really like to eat rope toys, oops!). While I’m not really sure how to play with other dogs, I really like them and am learning. I would do well in a home as a single dog or with a more experienced dog that can teach me. If you want to give me a holiday miracle, come meet me and give me the home I so desperately deserve!

Size: 50 lbs. (and slowly gaining!)
Energy level: Medium to high
Kids: Yes
Dogs: With the right fit!
Cats: Yes

Mija & Smokey

This pair of 3-year olds is just waiting to fill your heart and home with love. They are gentle, affectionate and very easy-going and would be great for novice cat folks. Smokey’s long coat requires frequent brushing but no worries – he loves being groomed and is likely to crawl right into your lap. They are definitely bonded, and need to be adopted together.

Paco – Adopted!

My name is Paco, and I just love being around people. I get nervous around new strangers, but within a minute or two, we will become best friends. And I remember everyone I meet! The volunteers think I give the best little kisses. I get cold in this weather, but I don’t shy away from the latest fashions, and I’m always sporting a sweater or coat. At around 10 lbs., I’m a pretty big Chihuahua, so some people think I might be mixed with a Corgi. Whatever I’m mixed with, it left me with an adorable smile, huge ears and short little legs. I’m waiting patiently for my forever home, so please come and meet me!

Size: 10 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Older – because I can be shy
Dogs: With the right fit, yes!
Cats: Not yet tested

Eliza – Adopted!

Look into my big, sad eyes! How could you resist taking me home? My name is Eliza, and I sure use my big, droopy eyes to get anything I want from the volunteers here. But what I really want is a home with a nice warm bed and a person to snuggle with. I’m very well behaved with great manners and a nice calm temperament. However, if I’m really excited, I’ll zoom around like crazy and make everyone around me laugh! Come and meet me, and I’ll surely snuggle my way into your life.

Size: 60 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Respectful
Dogs: No
Cats: Yes

Samba – Adopted!

I’m Samba, a 7 year old Shih Tzu who is absolutely perfect, according to my previous foster. She says that I’m “the perfect combination of snuggly and playful”. I love to explore and go on long walks. Every once in a while, I get the “zoomies” and speed around my foster’s apartment. But after all that zooming, I want to curl up in your bed at night to sleep. Now that I’m back at the shelter, it’s the perfect time for you to come meet me!

Kingsley – Adopted!

Hi! My name is Kingsley. I’m currently living the life at my foster’s home, but I’d love to find myself a permanent home soon. My foster says that I am a “playful, very energetic fluff ball that can bee sweet and cuddly when [I] want to be.” I’ve been recovering from a leg injury for months, but I’m finally ready to go! If you want to meet me, email to set up an appointment.

Charlie – Adopted

I’m Charlie, a soulful senior who would love you to open up your home and your heart. My vision isn’t that great, but I don’t let that stop me! I was shy and nervous when I first got to the shelter, but now my tail never stops wagging to get attention. I’m an easygoing, independent dog, so I’d do best in a home with adults and older children who could respect my boundaries and give me affection when I come asking for it. Please, give me the home I so desperately deserve. Once you look into my soulful eyes, your heart will melt! Email to set up a time to meet me!

Size: 60 lbs.
Energy level: Low to medium
Kids: Older
Dogs: With the right fit
Cats: No thanks!


Are you looking for a friend to romp around in the snow with? I’m your girl! My name is Jessie, and I’m a 3 year old lab who will entertain you forever with my playful antics. A lot of the dogs here don’t like this cold weather, but for me, it’s the best thing ever! I could play for hours in the snow, and once I’m tired, I’ll curl up beside you for a good nap. I’m looking for a family that makes sure I stay active. Come play with me at the shelter, and maybe I’ll come home with you!

Size: 80 lbs.
Energy level: Medium to high
Kids: Yes!
Dogs: No thank you!
Cats: Sure!

Phil – Adopted!

My name is Phil (like in The Rugrats!), and the volunteers here really think I’m a very special boy. Every time someone meets me, they fall in love! I’m only a year old, but I’m gentle and great on a leash. I absolutely love all people and am the absolute best cuddler in the world. Add me to your family, and I’ll be the greatest companion in the world.

Size: 40 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Yes!!
Dogs: With the right fit
Cats: Not yet tested

Dale – Adopted!

Looking for a buddy that likes to go on adventures but also likes to sit around and watch Netflix all day? I’m the guy for you! I’m around four or five years old and have been in shelters and kennels for three of those years. Thankfully, the Evanston Animal Shelter found me a foster home so I can adjust to living life in that type of setting and my foster mom says my manners are nearly perfect! Sometimes I little mischievous and get into things I shouldn’t, but doesn’t everyone do that once in awhile? I’m a total gentleman on leash and love to snuggle you when you’re having a bad day. Email to set up an appointment to meet me and check out my Instagram to see me in action!

Energy level: Medium-sometimes high
Kids: Yes!
Dogs: Not to live with, but I don’t mind them when I see them!
Cats: Absolutely not for me!

Murphy – Adopted!

I’m Murphy, a 12 year old Pomeranian mix. I might be on the older side, but I’m a spunky little dog with a lot of life left in me! I love my long walks and want nothing more than to go with you wherever you go. I’ve been told my fur is really soft – perfect for snuggling on the couch after a long day. If you let me, I’ll even sleep in your bed! My foster moms don’t want to let me go, but if I can find the right forever home I know they would be happy for me! Email to set up a time to meet Murphy!

Size: 15-20 lbs.
Energy level: Low to medium
Kids: Yes
Dogs: With the right fit
Cats: Not yet tested

Athena – Adopted!

Hi, my name is Athena! I can’t wait to meet you! I’m so friendly and love meeting new people. The volunteers here think I’m so cute with my short little legs, big head and goofy smile. I’m strong and active, so I’d love to find an experienced owner that could take me on adventures. I love going on walks and playing with toys. I can entertain myself with a toy for hours! Although I have a lot of energy, I settle down well and become a snuggly lap dog who loves giving kisses. Come meet me at the Evanston Animal Shelter!

Size: 55 lbs.
Energy level: High
Kids: Older
Dogs: Yes!
Cats: Not yet tested

Hairy Caray – Adopted!


Hairy Caray is a friendly, adaptable, roll-with-the punches kind of guy. He’s about two years old and as affectionate as they come. We expect he would do well in most any kind of household as long as he gets plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Joe Maddon – Adopted!

This guy has it all….good looks and a winning personality. Joe is a curious, confident and affectionate  Siamese mix, somewhere near 2 years old. He loves a good wand toy, but is also happy to hang out with a friendly human to get some love.  Don’t procrastinate – we’re betting he’ll be adopted before the snow flies!

Thomas – Adopted!



As you can see, handsome Thomas is all boxed up and ready to go! Well, not quite, but he is anxious to find a new home. He’s a big, lovable guy, about five years old and while he has settled in quickly at the shelter, he would much rather spend the winter lounging on the couch with some lucky person. Maybe you!?

Brooklyn – Adopted!

I’m a spunky, young girl with lots of fun energy. The volunteers around the shelter always tell me how much they love my antenna ears! I love to play with toys but have a hard time sharing because I’ve never had them before. However, with some training, I should be just fine! I came to the shelter completely shut down and would hide from humans, but now I love to be around them and try to get as many people to pet me as possible.  I’ve gotten a lot of experience playing with other dogs recently, and even happily lived with one in foster. If you’re looking for a fun dog with personality,  I’m your girl!

Energy level:  Medium to high
Kids:  Older
Dogs: With the right fit
Cats:  Yes!

Chance – Adopted!

Aren’t my eyes just mesmerizing? That’s what all the volunteers say. My name is Chance. I’m about 3 years old, but I still have a lot of puppy energy! Like a lot of Huskies, I can be very vocal and “talk” when I want attention. Once I have your attention, I am the most gentle dog in the world. However, I also have a mischievous side. I’m so smart that I learned to open doors. I’ve given a few volunteers jump scares when I’ve snuck up on them. If you adopt me, you will be guaranteed to be entertained for life. My ideal home would be with someone experienced in Huskies or other dogs like me. If that’s you, come and meet me at the shelter!

Size: 60 lbs.
Energy level: High
Kids: Yes
Dogs: No
Cats: Not yet tested

Mouse – Adopted!

Aren’t I just adorable? The volunteers named me Mouse because of my tiny frame and the cute little noises I make when I’m excited. I’m about 3 years old and am probably a Miniature Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix. There’s nothing more I’d like in the world than to curl up in the nearest lap. Stop by the Evanston Animal Shelter and make me a new member of your family!
Size: 5 lbs.
Energy level: Low to medium
Kids: Respectful
Dogs: No thanks!
Cats: Not yet tested

Miley Cee – Adopted!

I’m Miley, and I’m looking for a foster home to rest in while I receive my heartworm treatments. I was brought to the shelter in a rough condition. I was extremely overweight (we’re working on getting the weight off now!) and was obviously used as a breeding dog. When I went to the vet, they discovered I also had heartworm. Despite all of this neglect from humans, all I want is attention. I love to snuggle and make the best nap buddy in the world. Heartworm treatments are very stressful, and the combination of that and my weight issues would make the treatments very dangerous at the shelter. I just need a relaxing place to stay and a human to snuggle with. The shelter will cover all medical expenses.

Size: 65 lbs. (but losing weight every day!)
Energy level: low to medium
Kids: Yes!
Dogs: No, thank you!
Cats: Not yet tested

Boston – Adopted!

My name is Boston, and I’m looking for my forever family. The volunteers at the shelter think I’m one of the most beautiful dogs they’ve ever seen; it’s probably because I have two different colored eyes! One of my eyes is a pretty copper brown color and the other is ice blue. They’re unique just like me! I was very skinny and dirty when I first arrived at the shelter, but the only thing I wanted to do was lean my head into the nearest lap. I’ve met a lot of people during my time here and have been a perfect gentleman with them all. I am big and strong, so I need an experienced owner. Adopt me and you’ll be the envy of your neighborhood!

Size: 65 lbs.
Energy level: Medium to high
Kids: Older
Dogs: No thanks!
Cats: Not yet tested

Marshall – Adopted!


I’m Marshall, an adorable maltese/poodle mix who just turned 1! I get shy and nervous around new people, but once I get to know you, I’m so affectionate and loving. My ideal home would be just me and my owner (I also like women more than men, sorry guys!). If you’re looking for a loyal companion for years to come, meet me at the shelter!

Size: <15 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: No
Dogs: No thanks!
Cats: Not yet tested

James – Adopted!

How could anyone resist my giant bat ears? I’m James, a sweet boy who has stolen the hearts of many here at the shelter. I’m still young, a year old or so old, but I’m very well-behaved; I never mess up my kennel and I wait patiently for the volunteers to take me out. Once I’m out, I love long walks and kisses. Sometimes I do get overexcited and forget my manners, so I do need someone willing to do a bit of training with me. But after a long walk, I just can’t wait to snuggle into the nearest lap.
Size: 55 lbs.
Energy: Medium to high
Kids: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Cats: To be determined

Pringles – Adopted!

I’m an energetic boy with a lot of love to give. I get along well with other dogs and love people. I can be fiercely protective of my humans and bark when I think they’re being threatened, so I need someone who can help me learn that you’ll be just fine without my help. I’m playful and cuddly and listen well, so I’m eager to learn. I’m also good in a crate and can calmly wait for you to come home. I’d do great in a home with a big yard. I’m in a foster home near the shelter, so if you’d like to meet me, email the shelter at to set up an appointment.

Size: 20 pounds
Energy level:  Energetic but settles
Kids:  No
Dogs:  Yes
Cats:  Possible, with proper introductions

Joey – Adopted!

When I first came to the shelter, I was very sick with an intestinal problem and hid in my carrier. Once the veterinarian figured out what was going on and gave me treatment, I have basically become a new dog! I’m a senior poodle, 10 years old, but I will run up to you with a wagging tail and jump into your lap. I’ve already experienced one miracle here at the shelter, but if you take me home, I’d feel like I’d won the lottery!

Size: <10 lbs.
Energy level: low to medium
Kids: Respectful
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes

Shay – Adopted!


My name is Shay. I was so scared when I got to the shelter that I hid underneath chairs to feel safe. But a few days later, I was ready to go! I can still be a little shy when meeting new people, but becoming my best friend doesn’t take long! I’m so curious about the world and love to go on long walks. My tail never stops wagging. I’m a “pocket pittie”, which means I’m the perfect size for snuggling in your lap. All I need is a loving home with an owner who will take me on walks and snuggle on the couch with me.

Size: 40 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Older/respectful
Dogs: With the right fit
Cats: Not yet tested

Emmy – Adopted!

I’m Emmy, a 10 year old Lhasa Apso. I’ve had a rough few months. After my beloved owner passed away, I ended up at the shelter. Despite all of this, I still have a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I’m ready to be pampered and spoiled in my new home! But not spoiled TOO much, as I have some extra weight to lose. Let me be your workout buddy!

Size: 20 lbs.
Energy level: low to medium
Kids: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Not yet tested

Mason & Hova – Adopted!


We’re Mason and Hova, two young Yorkie-Dachshund brothers. We are energetic and loving; we love to give little kisses and to be held.  We are a bonded pair, so we have to go to a home together. Come meet us at the shelter, and you’ll fall in love with our hilarious antics!

Size: Mason- 9 lbs., Hova- 4 lbs.
Energy level: Medium to high
Kids: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Not sure

Millicent – Adopted!

I’m Millicent (Millie for short!). I just arrived at the shelter, so I’m still a bit nervous. I can be cautious around strangers (especially men), but I’m getting a lot better. Once I know you, I am the most affectionate girl and never want to leave your lap. The people at the shelter think I’m a Fox Terrier/Chihuahua mix and about a year and a half old. Give me a lap to sit on, and I’ll be your loyal companion!

Size: 15 lbs.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Respectful
Dogs: With the right fit
Cats: Not sure yet

Chloe – Adopted!


I’m Chloe, a 7 week old Yorkie-Chihuahua Mix. I came to the shelter with the deadly Parvo virus. After days in the hospital and lots of rest in my foster home, I am ready for my forever home! My foster mom says that I’m “a happy, playful, loving puppy” who “loves to play tug and take naps in [her] lap.” You can come meet me if you email to make an appointment!


Orange- Adopted!


Orange is clearly living up to the wonderful reputation big orange boys have – lots of headbutts, purrs and a gentle demeanor that’s hard to resist. He’s an older fellow – somewhere around 10-12 years old- so he would be happiest in a calm house with plenty of sunny windows, laps and a few toys. He has lived with another cat in the past, so he may be willing to share you with another feline.


Balthazar is a handsome, silvery-gray fellow with a confident, lovable personality. Offer him a treat or two and you will be his friend for life!  He also loves a wand toy or laser pointer, and in between play sessions will seek people out for attention. We suspect that Balthazar would welcome a playful and energetic feline companion – or maybe even a dog friend.




Summer is winding down and pretty soon you’ll be wishing you had a lovable lap cat to snuggle with as the weather gets cooler. There is no one better for the job than our handsome Freddie. He has a little interest in playing with toys but his main goal in life seems to be finding a comfortable lap and settling in for the long haul. Think of him as a way to save on your heating bills this winter!


Are you looking for a little fun in your life? Then we have just the guy for you. Garland will greet you at the door when you come home, entertain you with his playful antics, and then settle in for a cozy nap or night of watching Netflix. You would never guess it by looking at him now, but Garland had a rough start at the shelter. He came in as a stray and was friendly as could be with the good samaritan who found him-but it quickly became clear that life in the shelter was not for him. He barely ate, didn’t take care of himself, and gave the volunteers a hard time about cleaning his cage and trying to interact with him. Luckily we found a foster home for him and the transformation was almost immediate. Within 48 hours he was playing, eating tons, and hanging out on the couch with his new people. He just needed to get out of the shelter – and who can blame him? He quickly put on some weight, his fur is silky and well-groomed, and he is running around and playing like any healthy young cat. Now it’s time to find this adorable boy the forever home he deserves!


Danny – Adopted!


I’m Danny, a lovable lap dog with the cutest coloring. At about a year and a half, I still have the energy and playfulness of a puppy, but I’ll settle into any nearby lap. The volunteers here think that I am the perfect size, not too small but still able to be held. Open up your home and your heart to me, and I will be your loyal companion for life!

Size: 15 lbs.
Energy Level: Medium to high
Kids: yes!
Dogs: sure!
Cats: not sure yet

Ziggy – Adopted!

I’m Ziggy, and my name is as silly as I am! I’m only a year old, so I’ve still got my puppy energy. My tail rarely stops wagging and my butt rarely stops wiggling. I’ve got an adorable heart-shaped nose that no one can resist. I’ll need an owner that can work with me on training, but I’m eager to please and quick to learn!

Size: 50 pounds
Energy level: High
Kids: age 10 +
Dogs: Not yet tested
Cats: Not yet tested

Iris – Adopted

I’m Iris, a senior girl (10 years old) with lots of love to give. No one can figure out what breed I am because I am just one-of-a-kind! While I have a cataract in one eye, I seem to be able to see fine in the other. If you’re looking for a gentle-hearted companion, I’m your girl!

Size: 10 pounds
Energy level: low to medium
Kids: Respectful
Dogs: Possible with the right fit
Cats: Not yet tested

Spike – Adopted!

I’m a dapper gentleman who will surely be the talk of your neighborhood. I’m excited to give a kiss to everyone I meet, though I’m not very experienced with dogs. With time, I could learn to make doggy friends, and I definitely want to learn a few more tricks for my repertoire. Come meet me at the shelter; you won’t be able to resist my roguish charm.

Size: 70 pounds
Energy level:  High
Kids:  Definitely
Dogs:  With the right dog
Cats:  Nope

Brad Pitt – Adopted!

Meet Brad Pitt, a young fellow with looks to rival his famous namesake’s. He’s a playful guy, about one year old. Sadly, Brad has been diagnosed with FELV, and urgently needs a permanent home or longterm foster arrangement. The FELV virus is likely to shorten his lifespan but with good nutrition, a stress-free environment and consistent medical check ups,  he can have a chance at many happy years.  He needs to be in a home without other cats, though dogs would be fine – the virus does not infect dogs. Brad is currently in a short term foster home but we need to find a longer term placement for him.  If you have a place in your heart and your home for this lovable guy, contact us at

Toma – Adopted!

Toma is a sweet cat who arrived at the shelter when her owner died. She has been in a foster home for the last couple months and is doing wonderfully. Here’s what her foster family says about her “Toma is a young girl at heart and has been nothing short of being the most friendly, playful, and curious cat we know. Toma loves to play with someone, but has no trouble creating fun of her own. She finds herself sleeping on her back on the floor or curled up in a ball at the edge of my bed or the couch. She loves to roll around and became comfortable, very quickly, in our home. There is never a dull moment with Toma as she has such a bubbly and heartwarming personality. She is working on losing weight by eating less and running around. Toma reminds us of a bunny with her silly hops and rabbit feet. She has the prettiest green eyes and the softest fur. Anyone would be lucky to have her as an addition to their home.”  If you’d like to meet Toma send an email to


This handsome boy has come a long way since arriving at the shelter. He recently went into a foster home where his true personality has really been able to shine. His foster family describes him as slightly mischievous, and completely hilarious. Butter is sweet and gentle, and enjoys being petted – but he isn’t a lap cat and doesn’t like to be picked up. He’d like a home without small children but very much wants a young, friendly feline playmate. Since he’s currently living in his foster home please contact the shelter ( to make arrangements to meet this wonderful and special cat.

Dolores – Adopted!

Here’s what Dolores’ foster mom says about her:   She’s a total fluff ball that loves to bask in the sunlight and roll over for you. She will definitely let you know when it’s meal time and where her food bowl is. She loves to wait and surprise you when you open the door, and if the door is opened, she will peer in. She loves to be brushed and will follow you around as long as you have that brush in your hands. She likes her space but if you call for her, she will run to you!  Dolores is back at the shelter now so stop in and say “hello”!

Snow White & Tylo – Adopted!

Snow White and Tylo are a wonderful bonded pair,  just shy of a year old. They are playful, affectionate, curious and amusing- pretty much the perfect package. These two somehow got separated from their family, and wound up outside being cared for by a kind group of neighbors. After attempts to locate their owner failed, Snow White and Tylo were brought to us- and now we’re anxious to find these two kids the perfect forever home.  Maybe yours?

Simba – Adopted!

Looking for a big dog with a big heart? I’m Simba, a 1 year old lab-mix. I love to run and would make a great running partner. After a run, I really just wants to relax and get attention. Everywhere I go, people fall in love with my handsome looks and big smile. Come meet me, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love too.

Size: 80 pounds
Energy level: High
Kids: age 10+
Dogs: Not yet tested
Cats: Not yet tested

Claude – Adopted!

I’m Claude and I’m a sensitive boy looking for someone to be my loving companion. My favorite activities are sniffing trees on a long walk, flopping onto your toes for a belly-rub, and getting sprayed on my feet with a hose while I try to bite the water. I’m very handsome so I’ll be getting a lot of attention from people. That’s great, but attention from dogs is not what I’m looking for. Sit next to me on the floor and be prepared to pet me all over while I look up at you lovingly.

Size: 65 pounds
Energy level:  High
Kids:  Sure!
Dogs:  With the right dog
Cats:  Not yet tested

Bristol – Adopted!

I’m as sweet as can be with a face that will brighten your day. I love to cuddle and give you kisses, so get ready for a loving companion! I’m still young so I will need some training and exercise, but I won’t be getting any bigger. However, you may want a tall coffee table because my happy tail is sure to clear off anything in its way. After a game of fetch or a long walk, let me join you on the couch so I can bury my head in the cushions. I’m currently being fostered off-site, so email if you’d like to meet me!

Size: 45 pounds
Energy level:  Medium to high
Kids:  Not right now
Dogs:  Maybe with the right dog
Cats:  Not yet tested!

Jewel – Adopted!

I’m Jewel, an adorable puppy with tons of energy and love to give. I was found as a stray with a collar partially embedded in my neck, but I’m all healed up and it hasn’t slowed me down in the slightest! The volunteers love playing fetch with me because I love to chase things. I’m about 7 months old. Sometimes I get too excited and get a little mouthy, so I’m looking for an owner to help train me. All I want to do is play and snuggle!

Size: 15-20 pounds
Energy level: High
Kids: yes!
Dogs: yes!
Cats: yes!

Steven – Adopted!

I’m Steven, a 3 year old German shepherd. I’m a friendly guy who loves walks. I may be a big guy, but I walk very well on a leash. After a walk, I’d love to curl up with you on a couch and watch some tv. I’m a volunteer favorite because I get along with everyone! Come meet me; I have the biggest heart and would make a great companion.

Size: 90 pounds
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Older
Dogs: yes!
Cats: yes!

Harley Ann – ADOPTED!!

If you have some open floor space where Harley Ann can play soccer with you, she will be in her glory. As a polydactyl cat (she has 6 toes on both of her front paws) she has a bit of an advantage, but don’t tell her that!  As an older cat she prefers to live life on her own terms – but if you give her some space and let her think she’s in charge she’s happy!  Harley would do best in a home with an experienced cat person, and without any small children.


Meet Mack, a sweet, petite and gentle young lady. Found wondering outside, she had suffered some minor injuries (some cuts and scrapes) but has healed quickly – and her adorable personality hasn’t been affected at all! She is playful and affectionate and just wants a home to call her own. She is spayed, vet checked, up-to-date on all her shots and ready to go!

Sailor – Adopted!


Sailor is a very special boy, looking for a special home. We don’t know much about his past, but it seems he hasn’t had an easy life. His ears are tattered, likely from some fights, and he is FIV+  As such, he needs a home where he would be the only cat, or would be among other FIV+ cats. He also has a history of seizures, witnessed by the good samaritans who brought him to us. Since he has been at the shelter he’s been on medication and we have not seen any seizures. And the good news is –  he takes his pill like a champ! He is a very gentle, sweet guy who would make a wonderful companion.  Sailor is currently enjoying some time in a foster home with one of  our volunteers. If you’d like to meet him, please email us at



It’s hard to image a more charming or lovable cat than Lincoln. This handsome fellow would love nothing more than a lap to call his own – and maybe a sunny window to nap in.  Lincoln is looking for a home without dogs, and with no small children.  If you’ve been thinking about a cuddly companion to hang out with, he could be just the one for you! Life at the shelter was pretty stressful for Lincoln, so he has been spending some time relaxing in a foster home. If you’d like to meet Lincoln, email us at




Diamond is an adorable 1-1/2 year old tuxedo girl. She’s still young enough to have some kitten playfulness, but also enjoys a good cuddle when playtime is over. As much as she loves people, other cats are not on her list of favorite things- she will definitely need to be your one and only. But no worries – her personality is big enough to fill your home!

Nooni- adopted!

nooni 2

Nooni is an elegant senior lady looking for a home. She’s about 11 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from running to the door to greet you and meowing and pawing at your legs for treats. She loves head pets and scratches but has an independent streak -she’s not a fan of being picked up or held too much. Nooni is front-declawed, would like an adult household and would prefer to be the only cat. She’s currently in a foster home – if you’d like to meet her just email us

Blink – Adopted!

We don’t know much about Blink’s past – she was left at the shelter with no note and no explanation. It’s clear from her behavior and appearance that she was once someone’s pet. She adores people, will gladly roll over at your feet to get more attention, and her fantastic, fluffy coat is beautifully kept. She’s been charming the volunteers since her arrival, and now she’s vet-checked and ready to charm her way to a lucky forever home.


Charlie is a sweet and affectionate guy looking for a place to call home. At about 10 years old, he’s been through some upheavals in his life and is hoping for a calm and quiet place where he’ll be the only pet. Before he arrived at the shelter he’d had some medical issues ( urinary tract troubles related to stress) but has been in fine health since he’s been with us.  This lovable gentleman would love to make himself at home on your couch.


Haze is our newest arrival, and we suspect he won’t be with us for long. This handsome young guy loves to chase a wand toy or mouse but is equally happy to settle in on an available lap and purr the most soothing purr ever. He’s simply an all-around great cat, and would likely fit right into almost any type of home. Haze is about 1-1/2 years old, neutered and ready to go home with you!


Get ready for cuteness overload!  Meet Olivia, a five-month old ball of energy and sweetness. This little tuxedo girl was in a foster home since she was rescued at just a few days old, and now she’s at the shelter,  ready to find her forever home. She’s very social with people and would very much like a young and friendly feline buddy to show her the ropes and keep her company.



Apple Sauce was really shy and nervous when she first got to the shelter. But now. once she’s out and about, this beautiful cat is all purrs, kneads, and cuddles, and just loves being petted and brushed. She’ll make someone a sweet-as-can-be companion. Apple Sauce is in foster care but is available to be shown by appointment. Email to meet this wonderful girl.

 Chris- Adopted!


Chris is a 3 year old who was brought in several months ago as a stray.  She has this cute head tilt that is adorable but has caused her to be passed over by many adopters as they worry about future vet bills from long term health issues.  She recently had an examination with a neurologist and based on the tests they ran there are no obvious issues with her brain stem or her inner ear.  Maybe she sustained an injury a long time ago that caused this condition, but there is no indication that her health is compromised.  We think her quirks are charming.  Her head tilt is endearing.  Her gait is unusual when she walks and there are times that it seems her perceptions of the world are off a little, so you have to move slowly when you reach out your hand to her.  Chris needs a special human who will appreciate endearing cuteness.

Mig and Tig – Adopted!

These senior sisters are absolute love bugs – there’s no other way to describe them. Mig and Tig arrived at the shelter under sad circumstances (their owner died) but they have been an absolute delight from day one. Get them playing with a ball or wand toy and you’ll find it hard to believe that they’re ten years old. Tig is blind in one eye but the doctor says it doesn’t bother her, and she certainly has no trouble keeping up with Mig on their adventures. In fact, that’s her up on the shelf in their photos! These two definitely need to be adopted together.

Sawyer – Adopted!!!!

From the moment this boy arrived he began working his way into the heart of every volunteer he met.  At just over a year old, he still has some kitten-like playfulness, but he is also happy to sit with you for a marathon petting session complete with adorable purrs. Charming and lovable,  we think Sawyer would fit into just about any household – he is gentle enough for children and is easy -going enough that he’d be a great “starter cat” for a first-time cat person. And don’t let his long fur concern you – he keeps it well-groomed on his own, and also enjoys getting brushed for a little extra pampering.  Stop in and meet Sawyer – but be prepared to be charmed by his wonderful personality and beautiful green eyes!


Zia’s photos don’t really do her justice. Her long fur is a beautiful buff color with a hint of orange, and she has the furry toes and long body characteristic of a Maine coon. While in a foster home she got along with the resident cat and small dog so it’s likely she would do well in a home with other animal companions. Zia is friendly, affectionate and confident – stop in and see for yourself! You just might leave with a new best friend.

 Zooey – Adopted!

Shy and petite, Zooey is looking for a home with a special person. She’ll need someone with patience to help her feel comfortable in her new surroundings. Life at the shelter is a little overwhelming for her, but she does love to climb into a lap for some pets and ear-scratches while she cautiously observes what’s going on around her. With some gentle encouragement this lovely girl will make some lucky person a wonderful companion.

Ben and Jerry – Adopted!

  • Jerry - the more reserved of the two.

What could be more fun than TWO orange boys??  Ben and Jerry are fairly new arrivals at the shelter but they’re already among the volunteers’ favorites. Ben is clearly the more outgoing of the two (and also a purr machine) but if you give Jerry a minute to warm up he’s not far behind. This pair of brothers is about a year and a half old and are definitely bonded, so they’ll need to be adopted together.



Olive is a sweet and petite young cat, about 10 months old. She’s playful and curious enough to entertain herself – and you- for hours on end. We suspect she’d be happiest as an only cat but might be willing to share her humans after slow and patient introductions. She’s quite the social girl and would love to meet you!

Ruby Tuesday – Adopted!

Gentle Ruby Tuesday has been through some tough times but she hasn’t let that change her sweet personality. She arrived at the shelter when her owner left her with a family member they’d been visiting. A couple weeks later she went in for her spay surgery – and once there our medical partners discovered she some serious complications. In fact this poor girl had to be revived twice during the procedure. But fear not! Ruby Tuesday pulled through like a champ and went off for a few weeks in foster care to rest and recuperate. She loves hanging out on the couch watching tv with her foster dad, and also likes to sleep with him at night. Still a little shy she also has some favorite hiding spots where she retreats when life gets too hectic. Now she’s returning to the shelter, healthy and ready to find her forever home. After all she’s been through, Ruby would like a quiet home with someone who will pamper her and help her feel loved and comfortable for the rest of her life.

Lucky – Adopted!

Lucky 4

Doctors say petting a cat every day can lower your blood pressure, and Lucky is just what the doctor ordered. This sweet, older girl wants nothing more than a lap to call her own, and will accept all the petting you can give her.  It took her a little while to get comfortable here at the shelter but she has become the most lovable, affectionate cat around. She arrived front-declawed, and would like to be the only cat at home. Cold weather is just around the corner – why not get prepared with a wonderful buddy to cuddle up with?

Darrow – Adopted!


This adorable single kitten is playful and sweet and ready for his forever home!

Anna & Daisy – Adopted!


Anna and Daisy are two sweet sisters. Anna is the outgoing older sister, while Daisy prefers to watch from the side lines. That is until playtime. They both love to chase cat toys, laser lights and each other. They are a bonded pair, but looking for a human family to add their built in play group.

Dublin – Adopted!


Dublin has been described as a “dynamo”, a “whirlwind” and a “handful” – there is definitely a theme!  While he wouldn’t be a perfect match for every household, his youthful exuberance can be very endearing. He came to us as a single, young kitten so he hasn’t had a lot of experience learning proper cat etiquette and for that reason we think slightly older male cat would be a great companion for him.

Conrad – Adopted!


Conrad is a sweet and cuddly senior cat who just needs a quiet, comfortable home to relax in. This guy doesn’t require much, and while he’s not a spry as he once was our medical team says he is in fine health. If you’d like some company to curl up and watch TV or read a book with, Conrad would be happy to oblige.

Blackberry – Adopted!


Blackberry is a friendly boy with gorgeous black fur, beautiful eyes, striking white whiskers, and just the tiniest bit of white on his throat. He’s about a year old, so he still likes to play sometimes – but he also likes just hanging out with people. What he definitely does not like is other cats – this guy needs a one-cat household.

Mr. Marbles – Adopted!

Mr. Marbles

Marbles will charm his way into your heart the minute you meet him.  He is affectionate but playful. He comes bounding out of his cage to meet the world.  He is a talker who will gladly tell you what’s on his mind if you’ll listen.

Russell – Adopted!

Russell cat

Russell is quite the charmer.  He was brought to the shelter when his owner died recently.  He is about 8 years old and is a big boy who might need an exercise plan.  As soon as he receives medical clearance he will be ready to join you on the couch while you watch your favorite movies during the long cold winter.

Mrs. Hughes – Adopted!


Mrs. Hughes is a gorgeous young cat who is sweet and loving but with a little streak of independence.  Come meet her and let her charm her way into your heart

Daria – Adopted!

Little Daria has been through a lot. She was just six months old when she was brought to the shelter as a stray and after a vet exam it was clear she had recently given birth. The stress of pregnancy and caring for her kittens, along with being a stray had taken a toll on her. But with some good food, medical attention and lots of love, she has recovered beautifully. Now we’re hoping to find this sweet and gentle girl a forever home where she can enjoy all the comforts she deserves. If you’re looking for a feline friend to spoil a bit, Daria would love to meet you!

Rocky – Adopted!

Rocky is easily one of the most unique-looking cats we’ve had lately, but he’s more than just a pretty face. He’s a nice balance between playful and affectionate. A little shy with new things, Rocky needs an experienced adopter with the patience to help him get comfortable in his new home. He also could do well with a  calm, respectful feline companion.

Blake – Adopted!

Young Blake is as playful and lovable as he is adorable. He enjoys chasing wand toys and balls around the adoption room but also loves belly rubs and getting brushed. When you pick him up he gives absolutely wonderful ‘hugs’ and starts purring right away.  We think he would be fine in almost any type of home, either as an only cat or with a playmate or two.

Butterscotch & Caramel – Adopted!


This adorable bonded pair of kittens are about ten weeks old and ready to sweeten your life!

Polly – Adopted!

As you can see from her photo, Polly is a big, beautiful calico girl. What you can’t see is how sweet and lovable she is. She loves being brushed and petted and will purr loudly to let you know she’s happy.  She needs a little encouragement to be more active and help get to a healthier weight- but the nice part is when you’re done playing she’ll happily curl up and snuggle while you watch TV.

Cleo & Chips – Adopted!

This adorable bonded 10 week old pair of kittens is playful and confident. They’re endlessly entertaining and social, playing and snuggling with each other and always wanting to interact with people.

Trey – Adopted!


Handsome Trey is one of our newest arrivals, and certainly one of the sweetest. He was given up when a new family member turned out to be allergic. He’s understandably a little confused about this turn of events but has been sweet and gentle from the moment he arrived. So far he hasn’t seemed bothered by other cats, and absolutely adores human affection- head rubs, ear scratches, full-body pets, cheek scratches – he loves them all. Fully-vetted, neutered and micro-chipped, the only thing he’s missing is a forever home!

Pellegrino – Adopted!

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but little Pellegrino is quite the fighter. On a hot summer day a good Samaritan brought her to the shelter (in a “Pellegrino” water box) after finding her lying on the sidewalk. This poor little girl was barely moving, and we were very worried for her. But our medical partners took good care of her, with fluids and antibiotics, and before we knew it she was back on her feet and ready to go home. Not surprisingly, she’s a little shy and takes a little time to be comfortable in new surroundings – but once she’s ready she is full of purrs and loves gentle pets. After all she’s been through, this darling girl deserves a home where she can be spoiled – who can resist that sweet face?

Gracie – Adopted!

Gracie is a very sweet and personable cat. She is confident, playful, and very social. Gracie thrives on attention but prefers the company of humans. She might be ok with a canine companion but is too bossy for other cats. Gracie would love a lap to lay in. She’s a bitty thing at only 6 lbs but has such a big personality. Come meet this stunning girl in person and you are sure to fall in love.

Rocky, Balboa & Lucia – Adopted!

Balboa – or ‘Boa’ as we like to call him – is an adorable, easy-going Tabby who loves to play with his siblings (Luna and Bandit). He’s the calmest out of the bunch but loves playtime with humans–especially with wand toys.

Lucia is a cute, little calico who loves attention and FOOD! Mealtime is her favorite time of day, and she’ll make sure to lick her bowl clean–right down to the last scent molecule of food. She also craves human attention (she’ll let you know with her tiny meows), so she would love to join a family that could shower her with lots of love and affection (and yummy treats, too, of course!).

Bandit is a playful, little kitten bursting full of energy. He loves goofing around with his siblings (Luna and Balboa) and playing hide and seek. He will run from corner to corner or try to hide under the sofas just to get you to play with him. He loves all kinds of play toys — balls, wands, and laser pointers, they all get him excited and leave him running around for hours. When he he’s feeling really silly, he’ll lie down on his back and play with you as you scratch his little tummy. He’s also got a beautiful black coat and a cute, distinctive white band of fur on his back leg–he’s truly one of a kind!

While we always think kittens go better in pairs, these three are not particularly bonded and could go to a home with another cat for company. Come visit them today!

Ivory – Adopted!


Charlotte – Adopted!


Harriet & Charles – Adopted!

Harriet and Charles are a delightful bonded pair. Harriet, the tabby, is the more reserved of the two, preferring the comfort and safety of a lap. Charles is more of an explorer, but has his cuddly side as well.  These two have made amazing progress since they arrived at the shelter, slowly learning to trust and enjoy human interaction. In fact, they’re now in a cage up front where they can watch all the comings and goings in our lobby and love greeting visitors. Because they are so bonded this duo needs to be adopted together.

Thor & Loki – Adopted!

Found in the street when they were a few days old, Thor & Loki were nursed by a Good Samaritan. When he had to leave the country, he brought these adorable sweeties to us. They’ve been raised in a foster home and are ready to find their forever homes now.

Colby – Adopted!


Look into these beautiful green eyes, and it’s hard not to fall in love with Colby. The ten year old beauty is as sweet and gentle as they come. He’s understandably a little shy in his new surroundings but absolutely loves head scratches and full-body pets and happily rolls over to get as much attention as possible. He came to us front declawed, and would likely do best in a calm household as an only cat.

Major – Adopted!


Major is as charming as he is handsome. From the moment he arrived he’s been confident, friendly, and easy-going. With good looks and a personality to match we don’t expect him to be here long – stop by and meet him before it’s too late!

Waif – Adopted!


Young “Waif” is a long, lean, graceful boy. Approach his cage and he’ll stretch out to greet you, and roll over for some gentle pets. He also likes to give a sweet head butt if you lean in, and rewards your attention with a soothing purr – and  may even lick your hand!  He also enjoys playtime with wand toys.  So far he seems quite comfortable around other cats so we expect that with proper introductions he could be happy in a two-cat household.

Mellow – Adopted!  12019835_10204095488616837_8080696161877356389_n

Cora – Adopted!


Verona – Adopted!


Velma – Adopted!

Velma is a sweet, petite 5 month old kitten. Like most cats her age, she’s full of energy and curiosity.  After playtime she enjoys being held , or curling up in a lap.  She seems perfectly happy as an only cat, but would also likely enjoy a feline playmate to chase and cuddle up with.

Bastille – Adopted!

Did you know only about 1 in 5 orange cats is female? Bastille didn’t need any statistics to tell her how special she is, though! This young (10-12 months old) girl is quite sure of herself and owns any room she enters. She is very social and affectionate with people but definitely doesn’t feel the same about other felines – she will need to be the only cat in a home. She’s just returned from a few weeks in a foster home where she enjoyed watching the world from the window, greeted her foster dad every night when he came home from work and curled up on her special pillow in his bed when it was time for sleep. If you’re looking for a loyal companion, Bastille could be your perfect match. She’s spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on all her shots. All she’s missing is a place to call home.

Ms. Grumpy – Adopted!


Do you have a soft spot for “difficult” animals? Does your heart melt when you watch a scared cat slowly come around and show her true adorable colors?  If so, Grumpy would like to meet you.  When she first arrived, she shared a kennel with a trio of much smaller cats with whom she was very very sweet, but tended to greet humans with a hiss. (You see how the name came about). As she settled in she started to accept that people might not be so bad after all!  In the past couple weeks she has grown more and more comfortable, and more sociable.  She still needs time to get to trust new people and places, but when she does it’s truly rewarding. Walk past her cage and she calls to you – as if to say “HEY – don’t forget about me!” and will roll over to offer her belly. She is a special cat, with a ton of love to give. We expect she would be happy either as an only cat or with a companion – her main request is that you’ll be patient and help her feel safe and comfortable in her new home.

Cutie Pie – Adopted!

11998935_10153194535163087_9043515495606780527_n (1)

Luna – Adopted!


Stella – Adopted!

The volunteers here say I’m one of the sweetest dogs they’ve ever met. I believe it’s my job to make everyone feel well-loved, so I cover everyone I meet with kisses. When I’m at home, I’m pretty mellow and relaxed and just love to be near you. Because I bond so strongly with my people and don’t like to be apart from them, I’m looking for a family who is home a lot and can help me understand that when you go to work or the store, you’re not leaving me forever. I’m worth it, because I’m so wonderful to be around and will be your steadfast companion forever. I’m 3 years old and about 50 pounds, and I could get along with kids of most ages and the right dog (no cats please). Come visit me and, whether you take me home or not, I’m sure to put a smile on your face.

Size: 50 pounds
Energy level:  Moderate – needs exercise but settles
Kids:  Yes
Dogs:  Selective (depends on the dog).
Cats:  No

Sam – Adopted!

Look at that smile! I’m a 10 month old, long-legged pup who is full of energy and zest for life. I’m looking for an active family who loves exploring and playing, but also snuggling when I’m worn out. I’m a beautiful, unique grey color with adorable white “socks.” I’m pretty big already and will probably get a bit bigger, so I need someone who can handle a dog my size. If you’re looking for a joyful guy who’s always ready for an adventure, I could be the one for you.

Size: 60 pounds – will probably be about 70-75 when full grown
Energy level:  Active
Kids:  Dog-savvy kids who won’t mind a big, rough and tumble dog
Dogs:  Has gotten along with most big dogs at the shelter who are okay with his rambunctious play style
Cats:  Yes

Grey – Adopted!

While we love all the animals who spend time with us at the shelter, there is something extra -special about Grey. Dog people and cat people agree – he is “the coolest cat ever”. A spry, healthy 10 year old guy, you can see from the photos that he’s interested in a second career, perhaps as an office assistant or even a supervisor.  He also enjoys greeting visitors from his cage up front, and graciously accepts their compliments and attention; but his preferred activity is to sprawl out on the office desk or perhaps patrol the halls just exploring.  He is very good about keeping his beautiful fur well-groomed on his own, but also enjoys being brushed.  Grey is front-declawed, would do best in an adult household and would prefer to be an only cat. And really, with a cat this perfect, one is all you’ll need!

Samantha – Adopted!


Samantha had a rough start to life but has come through her difficulties beautifully! She came to us from a house with way too many cats – and the stress from living that way caused her to lose much of her fur. She also developed what seemed to be a chronic upper respiratory infection that caused her to wheeze. Fast forward a while and she is hardly recognizable! Her coat has grown back shiny and thick, and our amazing veterinary partners discovered a large polyp in her throat. Once that was removed her breathing normalized. Through all her trials and tribulations little Samantha remained a sweet and loving girl, and now she’s ready for a home of her own!

Jules – Adopted!

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‘A total love bug ‘ is how the volunteers describe young Jules. She was found as a stray but judging from her sociable personality, she must have been someone’s pet along the way. Playful and sweet, she would be a great ‘starter cat’, but we think she also wouldn’t mind a feline friend to hang out with.

Otter – Adopted!


Malachi – Adopted!