Urgent Needs:

Dog Leashes
Dog Chain Leashes
Cat Bowls
SMALL Kuranda Beds
Cat Carriers

We are in constant need of pet supplies, so any help is greatly appreciated. Any of these supplies can be dropped off between 8:30 AM and 9 PM every day.


General Shelter Supplies:

Hand Soap
Bleach (we use 6-8 gallons per week)
Liquid Laundry Detergent (we do 5-7 loads per day)
Dish Soap
Paper Towels (we use 3 rolls per day)
Rubber Gloves (for washing dishes)
Latex Disposable Gloves
Copy Paper



Dog Waste Bags
Canned Dog Food (any brand)
Dog Treats (Pupperoni is a favorite, but any kind is appreciated)
Easy Walk Harnesses (Medium & Large), available at PetSmart or here.
Dog crates of all sizes
“DuraChew” Nylabones to help our pups de-stress. Our favorites are here and here.
Chain Leashes


Fancy Feast Kitten Food
Any Ground Canned Food (except fish flavored)
Chicken or Turkey Baby Food (all-meat versions, no vegetables or gravies)
Stretch and Scratch Scratching Pads (small)
Cat Dancers
Catnip Toys
Furry Mice
Wand Toys – with feathers preferred
Foam Rubber Balls