We’re looking for a special home for our very special guy, Rambo. He came to us after a new baby in the house proved to be too much for him. After he arrived we discovered that he is diabetic and now requires daily insulin shots. He’s a cooperative patient, wonderful companion, and incredibly sweet boy.

PT and Saci

Attention tortie fans! These senior ladies would love to steal your heart, and your lap. Saci and PT are about 11 years old and have found themselves in our care after their person died. They're a little shy at first, but once they've checked you out they're quite the affectionate pair. Their ideal home would have a couple humans to dote on them, as they aren't always willing to share the attention.


Tilly is another of our senior cats looking for a quiet place to call home. She's gentle and affectionate, and loves being brushed. At 13 years old, she's less interested in playing than in hanging out on the couch and cuddling next to her person. Tilly is looking for an adults-only home, and would like to be the only pet.


Tina is the kind of cat who owns the room — she's comfortable right away, loves attention and affection, and will politely paw your hand if you forget to pet her a sufficient amount. Her foster mom describes her as curious, confident, affectionate and a lap cat. Tina is ten years old, up to date on vaccines, and more than ready to make your home her own!


Curious, mischievous and independent Blinken is looking for a pretty specific kind of home. He prefers the company of cats over that of humans, so he'd like a house with at least one other cat-friendly cat and with a human or two who will be comfortable giving him his space. He loves to explore every inch of his surroundings from top to bottom. Treats and delicious foods are the way to his heart, and he's most likely to welcome some pets if there is a food "bribe" in the mix. We're looking for an experienced cat love, and an adults-only home for this special guy.


Linda is a lovely, middle-aged lady who wants nothing more than a person or two to call her own. She's social and affectionate, and loves hanging out on the couch or just being close to her people. She's also talkative, and will let you know if she's feeling left out of the action or if you've neglected to feed her in a timely manner! As far as we know she has always been the only cat in the home and we suspect she'd prefer to keep it that way -- she'd like to keep all your attention for herself.


Meet Ollie, a sweet, curious and shy five-year-old male. New surroundings are a little scary for him, so he's looking for a family that will be patient and help him get comfortable. Once he's settled, he loves to play — toys that let him practice hunting and his kicker stick are his favorites. He also likes lounging by the window and is fascinated by his foster family's pet fish.


If you're looking for a low-maintenance, chill and independent companion, the lovely Easel might be just who you're looking for. She does enjoy a good play session now and then, but she's mostly content to hang out and observe, and to sometimes swing by for some pets.


Avi's foster mom says living with him is like having a little orange shadow — he's curious and social and likes to be in the middle of whatever's going on. He has tons of energy and would benefit from a home where his family will engage in active playtime with him regularly. Besides enjoying human companionship, Avi lived with a dog in his previous home and we think he'd enjoy another cat-friendly canine or a feline buddy. If you're looking for an amusing, friendly and affectionate new housemate, Avi just might be who you're looking for.


Hamantaschen is a young cat (about a year old) looking for an adults-only home where she can be the only pet. She's curious, independent and playful, and can be very affectionate — on her own terms. Hamantaschen enjoys being in the middle of activity but is also content to have time to herself.