Marmalade is a lovable, two or three year old boy, looking for a home with someone who might be willing to spoil him a bit. He was rescued from outside by some kind people, and from the looks of his ears, may have suffered from frostbite while he was out in the cold. He also is FIV+. While his past may have been difficult, Marmalade hasn’t let it get him down. He’d be happiest in a home without very young children, and we think he might be okay with a dog.


Prince is a charming senior cat whose playful personality has made him a volunteer favorite. When he arrived at the shelter we discovered he was FIV+, and that he also had an over-active thyroid (“hyperthyroidism,” which is fairly common in cats). The wonderful folks at Radiocat provided him with a life-changing treatment that will allow him to live without needing daily thyroid medication, and now he’s ready for his forever home. If you’re looking for an easygoing companion to snuggle with, Prince would love to meet you!

Spencer Tracy

If you’re ready for a unique pet, one who is overflowing with character and who will keep you entertained forever, you really need to meet Spencer Tracy. He’s a nine-year-old former street cat, now toothless, who loves to play and explore, and hang out with humans. He’s come a long way since arriving at the shelter. He’s still an intense fellow but he’s on medication to help keep him from getting quite so over-zealous in his interactions with people. It’s made a world of difference and now his charming, amusing personality is on full display.


Keegan can be very sweet but also can get worked up quickly. He’s is looking for a child-free home with experienced cat people. In the past he lived happily with a cat-friendly dog, and we think he’d enjoy that again. He definitely needs some room to run around, and someone to help keep him occupied. Keegan is FIV+.


This tiny little girl packs a powerful punch. At just about one year old, she’s still full of kitten playfulness and energy, and has quickly become a volunteer favorite.


If you’re looking for a feline companion with a really big personality, Salty just might be your guy. He’s somewhere around two years old, with lots of energy for playing and exploring — in fact, we think he holds the shelter’s record for highest leap while chasing a wand toy! Salty is looking for someone who’ll engage in regular active playtime with him and help him learn to focus his energy appropriately. In return, he’s offering a ton of charm and years of guaranteed entertainment. The perfect home for Salty would be one with an experienced cat person, no small children, and no other pets.


Gryffon is a sweet and outgoing young cat. We don’t know much about his past, but he settled in with us quickly and has been an easygoing boy from the start. If you’re a first-time cat person, Gryffon could be a great match.

Lucille & Gibson

These two sisters are the last of our litter of kittens named after guitars. Like siblings everywhere, they have their disagreements at times but in the end they are definitely bonded. They’re gentle souls who would do well in a home with children — but not other animals, please!


If you’re looking for a low maintenance companion, KC could be just who you’re looking for. This sweet and gentle senior doesn’t require a lot — a little cuddling, a little playtime… mostly just a place to call home. She would be happiest in a quiet home with no other pets.


in foster

Zuli is a sweet young cat looking for a new home where she can be the only pet. She enjoys playing soccer with whatever she finds around the house, and spends her time hanging out and observing everything happening around her. Her current family is hoping that she can be adopted straight from their home, so if you’d like to meet her, email us at

Peggy & Angelica

in foster

Peggy and Angelica are a pair of very bonded, one-year-old sisters. These charming ladies are former feral kittens, seeking a home with someone who will be patient with them as they settle into their new environment. They are curious and playful, and once they feel safe they enjoy being petted. They might never be snuggly lap cats, but they are definitely amusing and adorable. Peggy and Angelica need an adults-only home but would probably do well with another cat, or cat-friendly dog.