Life at the shelter was tough for handsome guy Powell, but once he got to his foster home his adorable personality came out. He’s affectionate and cuddly, but also curious and playful – his foster mom says he even enjoys playing fetch! She says he is “a joy” and would be a great first-time cat for some lucky family.


Danza is a mature (7 years old), no-nonsense, four-paw-declawed lady looking for her forever home. She isn’t a fan of being picked up but does enjoy hanging out next to her humans and loves being brushed. Danza is looking for a quiet home with no children and no other animals.

Spot and Nod

Spot and Nod are a curious, playful and active pair looking for a home together. Nod, the tortie, is the more independent of the two, while Spot is extra cuddly and can be a lap cat. They’re about 1-1/2 years old and still full of kitten energy.

Wade and Machila

Bonded senior duo Wade and Machila are a great pair. Wade is the more playful of the two, while Machila is more of a lap cat – the perfect combo. They rely on one another for comfort and company, and definitely need to be adopted together. They arrived at the shelter when their person became ill and have been in a couple foster homes since then. We’d love to get them settled into their forever home where they can enjoy their golden years together.


“I’ve met a lot of cats in my life, and he’s my favorite. He deserves the world.” That’s what Louis’ foster mom wrote about him when we asked for a description. He was brought to us by some kind people who rescued him from outside. He had an old wound to his leg, likely from getting hit by a car, which hadn’t healed properly. After consulting with our veterinarian partners, the decision was made to remove his leg – and he has adjusted wonderfully. He gets around fine now, climbing onto high places, and enjoys the company of other cats in his foster home. His foster mom also reports that he is a cuddly, purring cat who greets them at the door when they arrive home. What more could you ask for?

Winken and Blinken

Bonded pair Winken and Blinken are looking for a home together, with a human or two who will accept them for all their quirks and charm. Neither cat is a fan of being petted, although sometimes when food is involved, you can sneak a few strokes in. Winken is willing to work for food, and so far has learned “sit,” “stand” and “gimme five” – pretty impressive! His sidekick Blinken is less interested in tricks – he just likes the treats. They’re both playful and energetic. They currently live in a home with other young cats and they all get along great. If you’re looking for snuggly lap cats, these two are not for you. But if you appreciate playfulness with a strong independent streak, Winken and Blinken would love to meet you!


She may sometimes have a stern look but don’t be fooled – Perseids is secretly a playful, curious lap cat! She took about a week to settle into her foster home but now that she’s comfortable she has made herself at home, exploring the apartment and spending lots of time cuddled up next to her foster mom. She gets a little talkative at meal time – a nice reminder so you don’t forget to feed her. This sweet girl is about 7 years old, and ready to join you for some serious couch time this winter!


If you're looking for a sweet and affectionate cat who likes to snuggle, Marilyn might be your perfect match! Her foster mom says she's playful, curious, and confident and always greets her at the door when she comes home. Laser pointers are her favorite toy, and hanging out on the couch with her human is her favorite pastime. Marilyn is about 8 years old, up to date on vaccines, and ready for her forever home.


Depot was brought to the shelter earlier this summer, found at the hardware store across the street from us. He was a quiet and shy cat at the shelter, but always very gentle and sweet. Once he got into a foster home, he came out of his shell pretty quickly. The words his foster chose to describe him are playful, curious, confident, life of the party, independent, mischievous and affectionate. He doesn't mind being picked up and has good eating and litter box habits -- a very easygoing guy. Depot is about 3 years old, neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.


Wilma's foster mom describes her as a "talkative and sassy lady." She's curious and energetic, and loves hunting and playing. She isn't a huge cuddler but is very social and enjoys being around her human friends. Wilma is about 3 years old, is front-declawed, and is looking for a forever home with adults and older children. She's also needs to be the only cat in the house.


Just look at this snuggly boy, and take a listen to that purr! Sweet, sweet boy Marcel was found abandoned in a cat carrier, sitting next to a dumpster. Luckily someone saw him and brought him to us -- and his new life began . He’s a shy guy but once he gets comfortable, he’s an affectionate lap cat and just the perfect buddy for a cold winter day! Marcel is about 8 years old and is looking for a quiet house full of love and attention.


Hailey arrived with her litter of seven tiny babies earlier this summer. Two months later and all the babies have been adopted and now mom is ready to settle into a home of her own. She's very young, probably about a year old. Hailey is affectionate and curious and very much enjoys being around people. If you’d like to give this former rock star mom some well deserved pampering, fill out our online survey and see if Hailey’s your perfect match.


Tigger is a curious, independent young cat, about 3-1/2 years old. Her foster family says she was ready to explore her new surroundings as soon as she arrived, but needed a little time to get used to new humans. Once she’s comfortable, she likes to hang out with people and observe whatever is going on. She is okay with being picked up but isn’t a cuddly lap cat -- she enjoys her space and likes to do things on her own time. She’s looking for a home with no small children and where she can be the only pet.