All of the animals in our care are special, and ultimately our most important task is finding them their perfect forever home. Sometimes, though, an animal’s past or the circumstances that brought them to us make that task all the more urgent. This is Mercy’s story. He arrived at our door in terrible shape, rescued by a citizen who found him in a yard, suffering from dehydration and infected wounds resulting from a fight or animal attack. He was found in Chicago, and so technically wasn’t “ours” — he wasn’t an Evanston cat. In fact, he had been turned away from a Chicago organization, and we could have done the same thing. Except, we couldn’t. He needed help and so we helped him. Over the next few weeks he recovered from his wounds but was scared and had trouble settling into his new foster home. Eventually we found the right temporary home for him, and the sweet and gentle side of Mercy blossomed. As he got more comfortable he began greeting his foster parents at the door when they came home, and even enjoyed being carried around the house. Mercy is back at the shelter now, waiting for just one more kind and patient person to give him a place to call home forever. Mercy is about 4 years old, and not surprisingly, his time on the street has resulted in his being FIV+. Mercy’s ideal home would be one without other animals or young children.


Sanibel and Boca are a young brother/sister duo looking for a forever home together. These two are about seven months old, playful and gentle. We think they’d be good for first time cat people who are willing to adopt a pair, and would likely do well with respectful kids, and perhaps even a dog.


Marmalade is a lovable, two or three year old boy, looking for a home with someone who might be willing to spoil him a bit. He was rescued from outside by some kind people, and from the looks of his ears, may have suffered from frostbite while he was out in the cold. He also is FIV+. While his past may have been difficult, Marmalade hasn’t let it get him down. He’d be happiest in a home without very young children, and we think he might be okay with a dog.


Peggy and Angelica are a pair of very bonded, one-year-old sisters. These charming ladies are former feral kittens, seeking a home with someone who will be patient with them as they settle into their new environment. They are curious and playful, and once they feel safe they enjoy being petted. They might never be snuggly lap cats, but they are definitely amusing and adorable. Peggy and Angelica need an adults-only home but would probably do well with another cat, or cat-friendly dog.


Clarence is an interesting cat, alternately affectionate and aloof, with a wild playful side. He was rescued from the street so we don’t know anything about his history. Our vets estimate his age at around 8 years, but the rest is a mystery. Clarence would like a home with no small children, and would be happiest as the only cat, but we think he might be fine with a mellow dog to hang out with.


Keegan is not the easiest cat at the shelter — he can be very sweet but also can get worked up quickly. He’s is looking for a child-free home with experienced cat people. In the past he lived happily with a cat-friendly dog, and we think he’d enjoy that again. He definitely needs some room to run around, and someone to help keep him occupied. Keegan is FIV+.


If you’ve been looking for a couple of adorable kittens to take home with you, now is the time! We currently have some with us at shelter, ready to go home now, as well as dozens in foster homes who will become available over the next few weeks. We have bonded littermates to be adopted together, as well as some singles who can go to a home with another feline buddy. These are the faces of just a few currently in our care!


in foster

Zuli is a sweet young cat looking for a new home where she can be the only pet. She enjoys playing soccer with whatever she finds around the house, and spends her time hanging out and observing everything happening around her. Her current family is hoping that she can be adopted straight from their home, so if you’d like to meet her, email us at