Keegan can be very sweet but also can get worked up quickly. He’s is looking for a child-free home with experienced cat people. In the past he lived happily with a cat-friendly dog, and we think he’d enjoy that again. He definitely needs some room to run around, and someone to help keep him occupied. Keegan is FIV+.


If you’re looking for a feline companion with a really big personality, Salty just might be your guy. He’s somewhere around two years old, with lots of energy for playing and exploring — in fact, we think he holds the shelter’s record for highest leap while chasing a wand toy! Salty is looking for someone who’ll engage in regular active playtime with him and help him learn to focus his energy appropriately. In return, he’s offering a ton of charm and years of guaranteed entertainment. The perfect home for Salty would be one with an experienced cat person, no small children, and no other pets.


Remi is a playful seven-month-old with all the energy you would expect from a cat of his age. He’s looking for a forever home with another young cat who can help him channel all that energy — and if there also happens to be a dog in the house, he’s fine with that too!


Nina is a six month old bundle of adorableness — just look at that face! In addition to her fluffy good looks, she has a great personality. She’s sweet, gentle and playful and would do well in almost any home. We’re not sure how she feels about other pets, but we think she’d do well with kids, and would be a great first cat for some lucky family.


Halo is a young boy looking for an active household to call home. Right now he seems a bit more interested in playing and exploring than cuddling (laser pointers are his favorite), but he does enjoy being brushed after a rambunctious play session. We suspect that once he settles into a new home he’ll be able to relax and become the perfect feline companion. Halo would do best in an adult household, or one with older kids with some cat experience.


in foster

Zuli is a sweet young cat looking for a new home where she can be the only pet. She enjoys playing soccer with whatever she finds around the house, and spends her time hanging out and observing everything happening around her. Her current family is hoping that she can be adopted straight from their home, so if you’d like to meet her, email us at


in foster

It’s been a rough road for Zinnia. She was pregnant when she was brought to the shelter by a Good Samaritan who found her outside. Thin and undernourished, she still managed to give birth to a healthy litter and was a wonderful mother. During her pregnancy she’d had some chronic digestive issues, which persisted even after her kittens were born, and which we struggled to control. One of our fantastic veterinary partners suggested having Zinnia spend “a few days” with them so they could monitor and treat her… fast forward a couple months and she has now been officially designated their office Dishwasher and Interior Decorator. As much as she enjoys her life as a career-cat, and as thankful as we are to the medical professionals who have treated her so well, it’s time for her to finally have a forever home. Zinnia is about three years old, has gotten along well with a feline coworker, and is getting accustomed to small dogs. If you’d like to meet Zinnia, send as an email at

Peggy & Angelica

in foster

Peggy and Angelica are a pair of very bonded, one-year-old sisters. These charming ladies are former feral kittens, seeking a home with someone who will be patient with them as they settle into their new environment. They are curious and playful, and once they feel safe they enjoy being petted. They might never be snuggly lap cats, but they are definitely amusing and adorable. Peggy and Angelica need an adults-only home but would probably do well with another cat, or cat-friendly dog. If you’d like to meet this adorable duo, email us at