Condo is a loving, gentle, sweet soul. Being a socialized cat is still pretty new to him, but he’s eager to learn how to ‘cat’. While in his foster home with other cats and a small dog, Condo blossomed into a sweet, funny, incredibly smart, loving, playful guy. He loves other cats and small dogs. He loves learning from them, playing with them and having friends. He enjoyed watching them and how they interacted with their foster mom and he was an incredibly quick study. Condo soon began greeting his foster mom at the door when she came home. He’d lean against her legs for pets and talk up a storm at mealtime  (he loves his meal time ritual). Give this boy a mousie or crinkly ball and he will happily play for hours while chirping away and being a complete goofball. It was beautiful to watch this once scared, confused guy become so proud of himself the first time he jumped on the couch to snuggle next to his foster mom or he jumped up on the bed for morning snuggles. He’s geniunely the nicest cat who has come so far from the feral older kitten he once was. Condo is looking for a quieter home with an experienced cat parent who will understand that with gentle patience, Condo will continue to blossom into a wonderful companion for them as well as for gentle cats or dogs. If interested, his foster mom has tons of videos and pics of Con comfortable in a home environment. Please feel free to visit Instagram under the hashtag #thereturnofcon  Condo is back at the shelter now, and is eager to meet his forever family.


At a spry 21 years of age, Mia holds the record for our oldest cat in recent memory. But don’t tell her that – she seems to think she’s a teenager. She is quite the lap cat, but curious about her new surroundings and absolutely adorable. She recently had blood work and got a clean bill of health which is really quite remarkable. As much as we love having her we can’t help but feel that at her age she deserves a home to call her very own. If you’d like to meet Mia she will be patiently waiting, perhaps in someone’s lap, and will be happy to greet you.


We are pleased to introduce Dora! It has been long road for this amusing girl but she is finally ready for her forever home. She was rescued by some kind people who found her living in their backyard and brought her to the shelter. At first it was impossible to tell for sure how feral she was, and whether we would be able to socialize her. It took a little time and some patience – on her part AND ours- but she has blossomed into a playful, intelligent and affectionate cat. She’s currently in a foster home where she enjoys bird videos, playing with wand toys and hanging out with her foster mom. Dora will need a calm home with an experienced and patient person to help her get comfortable in her new surroundings. If you’d like to find out more about Dora or to make arrangements to meet her email us at



Jingles is a quiet, unassuming elderly fellow looking for a forever home. He doesn’t ask for much- a comfortable spot in the window and maybe a bit of room on your bed at night.  Jingles would prefer a quiet home without other animals, and at his age, we think he’s earned that much. He is currently on thyroid pills which he readily takes when  tucked into a bit of food.  Look at those eyes- how can you resist?

Tree Cats

Meet the ‘Tree Cats’! We recently took in about a dozen young cats ( around ten months old) from one house, and decided to name them after trees. Cedar, Maple, Aspen, Sycamore and all the rest are adorable, gentle, and pretty impossible to resist.  The Trees are quite bonded and rely on one another for companionship, comfort and grooming so we are adopting them out in pairs.  Of course, if you’d like a trio, we can make that happen as well! Stop by and meet them – they’re vet checked and anxious to settle into their forever homes!

Buddy & Sissy

Sissy and Buddy came to us when their owner became ill and could no longer  care for them. At age 15, this sweet pair should be spending their days lounging on a couch and soaking up some sunshine.  If you have a place in your home and your heart for them, please stop by and meet them.  As you might expect for cats of their age, they have some ongoing medical issues-  Buddy takes thyroid pills and Sissy is on a diabetic diet. Both were front-declawed when they came to the shelter. We would be happy to have a special someone take them home as Forever Fosters. The shelter will cover their medical expenses- you just provide the love.

Sheridan and Sherman

 Sheridan (grey female) is a 2-3 year old who loves petting and cuddling, playing with toys, and chasing string. Though she is small she is very confident and curious. One of her favorite pass times is watching birds and squirrels outside and wishing she could chase them down.  She also loves getting to high places like shelves, and mantles where she can lay down and see everything around her. Given the opportunity though, she is just as likely to come lay on your lap and nudge your hand till you can’t resist petting her.

 Sherman (black male) is a little bigger than Sheridan, but follows her lead. He also loves watching birds through the window, and gets so excited he will chatter with them. When he isnt watching the wildlife Sherman is a big cuddler, and loves to be on your lap being pet. He sometimes plays with your hand while you pet him but at the end of the day he wants as much attention as he can get. They both are a little shy at first but once they learn to trust you they are very loving and playful.
Sheridan and Sherman were originally adopted from the shelter a couple years ago. Their original adopter will be moving into military housing soon (which does not allow pets) and we are all hoping to get them into a new family before mid-May. If you’d like to meet these two, please email


Tinker Taylor- In foster!!

Tinker Taylor is a beautiful, playful 1 year old cat who needs to find a very special home. She has an incurable neurological condition that impacts her movement and bladder. To learn more about Tinker, click here.





M.J. is a quiet senior cat looking for a quiet, calm place to live out her golden years. She enjoys being brushed and getting some pets, but is equally happy to be on her own just observing what’s going on around her.  She requests no young children, please, and would ideally be an only pet.

Isabella – In Foster

Isabella is a 10 year old cat with beautiful golden eyes and shiny black fur. She’s looking for a quiet home, preferably with an experienced cat person, where she can relax and enjoy life. Isabella is currently taking a little vacation from the shelter. If you’d like to meet her, please contact us at to make arrangements.