Peggy and Angelica are a pair of very bonded, one-year-old sisters. These charming ladies are former feral kittens, seeking a home with someone who will be patient with them as they settle into their new environment. They are curious and playful, and once they feel safe they enjoy being petted. They will probably never be snuggly lap cats, but they are definitely amusing and adorable. Peggy and Angelica need an adults-only home but would probably do well with another cat, or cat-friendly dog.


Clarence is an interesting cat, alternately affectionate and aloof, with a wild playful side. He was rescued from the street so we don’t know anything about his history. Our vets estimate his age at around 8 years but the rest is a mystery. Clarence would like a home with no small children, and would be happiest as the only cat – but we think he might be fine with a mellow dog to hang out with.


Don’t be fooled by six-year-old Juliette’s calm exterior – behind those beautiful green eyes lies the soul of a kitten! She’s a little anxious in new surroundings, but once she adjusts, she is a playful, active girl. We think she’d do well in almost any kind of home, including one with children.


If you’ve been looking for a couple of adorable kittens to take home with you, now is the time! We currently have some with us at shelter, ready to go home now, as well as dozens in foster homes who will become available over the next few weeks. We have bonded littermates to be adopted together, as well as some singles who can go to a home with another feline buddy. These are the faces of just a few currently in our care!


in foster

Tosca and Basie are a bonded pair of senior cats looking for a forever home. They’re currently in a foster home that they happily share with a small dog. These two are both sweet and shy and are looking for someone who will give them time to feel comfortable. Tosca is definitely the more adventurous one, while Basie prefers to observe. We would love for them to spend their golden years in a place of their own — if you have a spot for them, please email us at


in foster

Zuli is a sweet young cat looking for a new home where she can be the only pet. She enjoys playing soccer with whatever she finds around the house, and spends her time hanging out and observing everything happening around her. Her current family is hoping that she can be adopted straight from their home, so if you’d like to meet her, email us at


in foster

Little Keira looks almost like a kitten, but she’s actually around 8 years old. Life in the shelter has become difficult for her — she would very much prefer a home of her own, with no other animals. If you have a quiet home with a spot for a feline companion, Keira could be your perfect match. To meet her, please email us at


in foster

Along with Clarence, Cooper was rescued from the streets by some good Samaritans. He’s a big handsome guy with tons of charm and personality. Cooper is very playful and can sometimes get carried away, so he needs a home with an experienced cat person. He’s also made it clear that he definitely needs to be the only cat in the house.


in foster

M.J. is a quiet senior cat looking for a quiet, calm place to live out her golden years. She enjoys being brushed and getting some pets, but is equally happy to be on her own just observing what’s going on around her. She requests no young children, please, and would ideally be an only pet.