We are open for cat adoptions at our facility on 611 South Blvd on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., with other times available by appointment. Please fill out an adoption questionnaire if you are interested.

Mama Blackjack

A beautiful black beauty with two modes. Mode One: Napping in the sun or chilling in a window. Mode Two: Zoomies with high energy, which is most of the time. She's ready to play at any time. Given her high output mode, her appetite speaks for itself. There isn’t a morsel left in her bowl. She knows her own mind and generally likes all four feet on the ground. And, is great at telling you when she wants a pet and when she doesn’t. It’s just a matter of paying attention to her cues. She’s pretty much an adult kitten with lots of energy to spare. She’d be best in an experienced cat lover’s home where she is the only child. Though, she might benefit from joining a home with another cat. She's a cutie patootie.

Rocky Road

If you are a fan of torties, you will find Rocky Road as irresistible as the ice cream flavor she was named after. She started life in a hoarder house, so she's still perfecting her social skills with humans, but she loves other cats and would do best with a feline buddy or two. She loves cat treat tubes and will forget herself when she's licking one and climb into your lap. She might even allow a pet or two! But once it’s finished, she hits the road for new adventures. At three years old, she has lots of time to learn to trust you.

Rum Raisin

With a luxurious coat as black as midnight and tiny white toe bean mittens on one back foot, Rum Raisin is in a class all his own. He loves to channel his inner lion alternating between long naps and ferocious hunting sessions with toy mice. He would thrive in a home with other cats and prefers to be loved from a distance. It will be a joy to see his personality unfold in a new home. Rum Raisin will appreciate everything you do for him, even if he doesn’t show it. With time, patience, and positive reinforcement, you’ll earn his trust. A beautiful boy!


Meowzer is youthful, confident, independent, and affectionate, making her a truly special cat. She thrives in a calm and stable environment where she can be the center of attention. She's not one for sharing the spotlight, so she'd prefer a household with just you – her special human. This confident kitty isn't afraid of new faces, but it may take her a little time to warm up. Once she does, though, she becomes incredibly affectionate. However, she likes to be in control of when and how she receives pets. Be mindful not to overdo it; she might give you a gentle reminder if you do. To ensure her comfort, her ideal home should have a separate room where she can retreat when needed, especially when visitors are around. This allows her to have her own sanctuary. Experienced cat people with no other pets would be the best fit for this girl.


In foster

Meet Lexi, the epitome of feline elegance and charm! This beauty is on the lookout for her forever home, where she can bask in the luxuries of life. With her independent spirit and playful demeanor, Lexi is the perfect companion for those who appreciate both excitement and relaxation. Whether she's chasing feather toys or lounging in her favorite spot, Lexi's adorable moustache and charming personality will steal your heart. If you're ready to welcome a sophisticated feline into your life, Lexi is waiting to be adored by you. Adopt her today and let the purrs and cuddles commence!

Nim & Tink

In foster

Meet Nim and Tink - a sweet bonded pair ready for a forever home! Nim enjoys quiet time and cozy hiding spots, while Tink craves human company. Nim's a pro at belly scratches and is full of catitude, while Tink’s the social butterfly of the duo. They love long naps by a breezy window and dry food with fishy treats. And be sure to stock up on cardboard boxes for plenty of hide and seek adventures. They may be shy upon first meeting, but their affectionate and sassy personalities shine through for the right person. Are you ready to welcome them into your heart and home?

Ball Park Frank

In foster

You’ll love this good-natured and playful orange tabby. Ball Park loves leaping after a wand toy (especially with a stuffed mouse on the end) or batting little plastic balls. He doesn’t mind being picked up for a good snuggle and he meows only for you. Yet he’s an independent guy that doesn’t need constant attention. He’s just as happy to lie near you for chin scratches or a good head rub. A sweet, sweet boy. He will need a pet parent with a little patience and a desire to help him with one quirk. He tends to sing "the song of his people" at night, though it has gotten better in his foster home. We’d love to see his continued progress in a forever home. Are you willing to consider adding this special boy to your home?

Shirley Partridge

In foster

Meet Shirley Partridge, a spirited and adorable cat with a cleft palate and a crooked tail - though neither one faze her. She’s a bundle of energy, whether she's chilling out or going full goblin mode, jumping from wall to furniture, Shirley is a delightful companion. Working from home? Perfect! Shirley loves being around, following you from room to room. She thrives on attention, expressing herself with cheerful chirps and getting extra excited at mealtime. Ready for a playful, communicative, and affectionate companion? Adopt Shirley Partridge into your forever home today!


In foster

Misty has strong opinions and makes them very clear. Once she's confident that you'll respect her boundaries, she’s affectionate in her own way. She enjoys being scratched around her ears and chin and petted on her head and shoulders. When she has had enough, she lets you know by raising her paw or growling. Her favorite activities are climbing, eating treats, watching wildlife out the window, and lounging with her person. She would like a home with an experienced cat person who follows her cues and no other cats or small children.