Halo is a young boy looking for an active household to call home. Right now he seems a bit more interested in playing and exploring than cuddling (laser pointers are his favorite), but he does enjoy being brushed after a rambunctious play session. We suspect that once he settles into a new home he’ll be able to relax and become the perfect feline companion. Halo would do best in an adult household, or one with older kids with some cat experience.


Mitten is a calm and dignified senior lady looking for a forever home. She arrived at the shelter when her person became gravely ill and unable to care for her. The sudden change was a little difficult for her at first but she has now settled into this phase of her life and is showing her sweet and curious personality. Mitten would like a home with no small children or other animals.


This big lovable guy is looking for a sunny window and a lap to call his own. We’re not sure of his age, but we think he’s about 9 years old. If you’re looking for a sweet companion to keep you company while you read or watch TV, McCallister would love to meet you!


If you’re looking for a feline companion with a really big personality, Salty just might be your guy. He’s somewhere around two years old, with lots of energy for playing and exploring — in fact, we think he holds the shelter’s record for highest leap while chasing a wand toy! Salty is looking for someone who’ll engage in regular active playtime with him and help him learn to focus his energy appropriately. In return, he’s offering a ton of charm and years of guaranteed entertainment. The perfect home for Salty would be one with an experienced cat person, no small children, and no other pets.


Stamp is about six months old, still full of kitten energy and confidence. This handsome guy is looking for a home with a young feline buddy who can keep up with him, and some human buddies to snuggle with once he’s tired out. Stamp is neutered, up-to-date on shots, and more than ready to go!


Tommy is a young, high energy cat looking for an active home where he can feel free to run around and maybe be a little mischievous. Young children wouldn’t be a good match for him, but a feline buddy to roughhouse with or maybe even a playful canine friend would be great.

Quid, Pro & Quo

This adorable trio started life in a garage along with their mom and a couple of feral cats. We were able to bring them inside at about 8 weeks of age and they quickly became playful, purring babies — they have made huge strides. Quid, Pro and Quo would be happiest in an adults-only home.

Nube & Q

Nube and Q are a pair of handsome, young (just under two years old) brothers, looking for a home together. Nube (the fluffier of the two) is the most independent, but seeks attention and pets regularly. Q loves belly rubs and is the more curious of the duo. These two were originally adopted from us as kittens about 18 months ago but their family is relocating soon and can’t take the boys with them. There’s a little time before the move happens, and we’re very much hoping they can get adopted without coming back to the shelter. If you’d like to meet Nube and Q, send us an email at

Peggy & Angelica

in foster

Peggy and Angelica are a pair of very bonded, one-year-old sisters. These charming ladies are former feral kittens, seeking a home with someone who will be patient with them as they settle into their new environment. They are curious and playful, and once they feel safe they enjoy being petted. They might never be snuggly lap cats, but they are definitely amusing and adorable. Peggy and Angelica need an adults-only home but would probably do well with another cat, or cat-friendly dog. If you’d like to meet this adorable duo, email us at