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Ice Cream Cats

Read about the 42 cats that EAS rescued from a home in Evanston – the Ice Cream Cats!

Big Boi

Meet Big Boi! This handsome lug has developed his own fan club at the shelter, happily chirping a greeting at all his admirers as they pass his cage. And no one can resist responding, “Hey Big!” or “Hi man, how are you still here?” Big Boi loves cat tunnels, getting brushed, and catnip. He’s a special, quirky cat and will bring some lucky adopter a ton of fun and amusement. Big Boi would like to be the only pet (and really, he’s all you need!) and is looking for a home without children. If you’d like to know more about him, please complete our online survey – you’ll be glad you did!


At 10 years old, Niya still loves to play with toys and can entertain herself. She is a talkative girl and will let you know when she needs something! Her favorite things in the world are couch time with her people and cheek scratches.

Wildeve & Madam Wagram

It isn't every day you see a bonded pair of orange girls - the vast majority of orange cats are male. These two lovely ladies are reserved and a tad shy, but can be affectionate once they're comfortable. Madam Wagram enjoys a tall perch to hang out on, and wand toys when she's in a more playful mood. Wildeve likes to find a hidey hole as an observation spot, but will also come seek out pets. These two would appreciate a calm house and would be happiest with no small children.

Maple Nut & Mississippi Mud

Playful, curious and independent, Maple Nut and Mississippi Mud are looking for a home together. Maple Nut, the adorable orange girl, is just about a year old, loves to play, and seeks out affection from the humans in the house. Her buddy, Mississippi Mud, is a little more reserved, playing mostly in the evening and preferring to observe rather than join in with whatever the humans may be doing. Both are very gentle girls and will be lovely, low-maintenance companions.


Hoobastank (or Hoobi, as his friends call him) is all about having fun. He's a little less than a year old, so still full of playful energy and curiosity, but also very affectionate with his human friends. He's an easygoing guy, confident in new surroundings and looking for someone who's up for regular play sessions.


Shaw is a shy young cat but we suspect she secretly wants to be a lap cat when she grows up. She's gotten more and more affectionate in her foster home, and loves chasing tennis balls across the floor or playing with wand toys. Shaw has made friends with the young cats in her foster home and would really like to have a new feline friend or two in her new home. Shaw is about 6 months old, spayed and ready to go!


Crumble is a bit of an "old soul." She's only about six months old but seems like a more mature cat. Her foster describes her as wonderful and easygoing, and largely independent. She enjoys being around people and has her affectionate side, but she is definitely not needy, and is overall a pretty low-maintenance kind of cat. She's happy with the solo life and would prefer to be the only pet in the home.


Is your resident cat looking for an eager and energetic playmate? Lunchbox would like to offer his services! This handsome guy is playful, curious, affectionate and energetic. He loves being in the middle of all the action and enjoys playtime with people as well as with other cats. Once he's worn out and slows down, he shows his warm and cuddly side. Lunchbox is about 6 months old, neutered, vaccinated and FeLV/FIV negative.

Kiwi & Otter

Kiwi and Otter are the perfect package of all things kitten. Kiwi (black female) is playful, a tad bit shy, and loves playing with balls and wand toys. Otter (tabby male) is a playful lap cat, full of cuddles and purrs. They're a fun and social pair and would do well in almost any type of home. Kiwi and Otter are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, microchipped and more than ready to charm their way into your heart.

Seedling & Sprout

This pair of tuxedo brothers is about as sweet as they come! Sprout and Seedling are friendly and playful and full of kitten curiosity. They're about 4-1/2 months old, neutered and ready to find their new home. We think they'd be fine in a home with another cat and have done well interacting with a nine-year-old child in their foster home.

Oyster & Button

Two more of our adorable Mushroom litter – meet Oyster and Button! These two are typical kittens: playful, curious and energetic, and as you can see, quite bonded with one another. If you’ve been missing some kitten energy in your life, these two have plenty to spare.