We are open for cat adoptions at our facility on 611 South Blvd on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., with other times available by appointment. Please fill out an adoption questionnaire if you are interested.


Dorian is a rough and tumble guy, who likes nothing more than to romp with another cat. He might do best in a home with a buddy cat, to burn off some of that wonderful endless energy! He’s independent and knows his own mind. He’ll decide to spend time at your side or go off in search of a mysterious sound, smell or flashing light. He needs someone who understands cat behavior and has the patience to learn Dorian’s cues. Maybe he’s your guy?

Grover Cleveland

An Evanston family was driving down the street when they heard the cries of a kitten coming from the engine of their car. Thankfully they pulled over quickly and gave us a call. A couple of amazing volunteers managed to wrangle a very frightened kitten from under the hood. At first we were sure he was feral, but within a few days he had succumbed to our charms and now he is the sweetest boy. You might say he is purrfect!


Cook County employees discovered this beauty while digging out a hoarder home. Sweet baby lost a lot of fur due to a bacterial infection. Calm from the get-go, at the shelter, we treated her owies and got her on a healthy diet. She’s 100% back now and living within our cat colony, happy and relaxed. We think that with the right hoomans, she’ll come out of her shell and be an engaging family member. Why not come and spend quality time and see if it’s a match made in heaven?


Walter Cronkite is an alert, playful cat. While living with a foster family, Walter loved exploring high places and hanging out at windows. His biggest challenge is that he can view human hands as toys so he'll need an experienced cat owner well versed at reading his subtle signals. We are not sure if Walter would be best as an only cat or if he would fit in with a busy, pet-filled house after some slow introductions. If you are looking for a low-maintenance cat who enjoys occasional pets and nuzzles but doesn’t monopolize his human’s time, Walter is the guy for you.

Rum Raisin

With a luxurious coat as black as midnight and tiny white toe bean mittens on one back foot, Rum Raisin is in a class all his own. He loves to channel his inner lion alternating between long naps and ferocious hunting sessions with toy mice. He would thrive in a home with other cats and prefers to be loved from a distance. It will be a joy to see his personality unfold in a new home. Rum Raisin will appreciate everything you do for him, even if he doesn’t show it. With time, patience, and positive reinforcement, you’ll earn his trust. A beautiful boy!


In foster

Flauta's big green eyes flanked by her shiny black fur tell you everything you need to know about her. Green stands for balance, nature and spring. It’s the symbol of freshness and progress. And Flauta is all of this and more. A sweet purring bundle who is just as happy snuggling in your lap, leaping for a favorite toy or snoozing by the window. She’s an optimistic soul on the lookout for her forever home where she can run, play, lounge and be a part of your family. . . and she gets along great with the dogs in her foster home!! If you want a cat that loves to be around people, then this is your cat!


In foster

Misty has strong opinions and makes them very clear. Once she's confident that you'll respect her boundaries, she’s affectionate in her own way. She enjoys being scratched around her ears and chin and petted on her head and shoulders. When she has had enough, she lets you know by raising her paw or growling. Her favorite activities are climbing, eating treats, watching wildlife out the window, and lounging with her person. She would like a home with an experienced cat person who follows her cues and no other cats or small children.


In foster

Blossom knows all about finding the best comfy spots to cuddle up. She loves taking it easy and snuggling into a warm bed or blanket to nap. She does prefer to be an only cat, that way she gets all the love and comfy spots to herself. She’s a curious gal and will pop out of her slumber to see what you’re up to, but zoom back to her quiet place. Not really a lap cat, she’s got quick reflexes and will bat a toy mouse from end to end. This gorgeous muffin will blossom under someone’s careful attention. Is that you?