Meet Lincoln and Lovey, two of the sweetest cats you could ever meet. They recently came in along with their camera-shy brother and sister, Mary (a dilute tortie) and Luke (another orange and white boy). These littermates are just over two years old, and anxious to settle into their new forever homes. As much as we’d love to adopt them out all together, we know that four cats is more than most folks are looking to take in, so we will be sending into their new homes in pairs. These guys are friendly, affectionate, healthy and ready to go -– the only problem will choosing your favorites!


Meet the Designers — Dior, McCartney and McQueen. This charming young trio is about 8 months old and full of playful energy. They can be a little nervous around new people, but offer them a wand toy and watch them come alive! If you have a lot of patience and love to offer, stop in and hang out with the Designers. It might be a perfect fit!


It’s hard to resist young Dustmop, with her beautiful fur and stunning eyes — and her personality is just as irresistible. At around 9 months old, she still has some of her kitten playfulness, and she’s also curious and affectionate. While she enjoys human companionship, she is definitely not interested in having a feline friend — she’s looking for a one-cat family for sure.


Ten-year-old charmer Alonso is looking for an experienced cat person to call his own. He has way more energy than your typical senior cat, and can sometimes get a little carried away. His ideal home would be one without children, with a single person or couple who can help him channel his energy appropriately. With proper introductions, he might do well with another cat or a welcoming canine companion.


Amal came to the shelter last April in very rough condition. One of her rear legs was mangled and she was in so much pain that she had pulled her own fur out. Her injured leg was amputated and she went to a foster home to recuperate. After a long journey of learning to walk on three legs and also to trust people, she has come a long way and is now ready for her forever home! She has lived with other pets in her foster home, but we believe she’d be happiest as an only animal so she won’t have to fight for lap time. She is a purr machine and all she wants is to sit on your lap (and eat). She needs a patient owner who will give her time to settle in and gain her trust. She has occasional bouts of intestinal issues that seem to be primarily related to stress, and she does have a polyp in one ear that requires daily attention, but she doesn’t mind it. She is about 5 years old and, at 5 pounds, is very tiny for her age. If you’re interested in a cuddly cat the size of a kitten, please email or complete our adoption survey and indicate that you’re interested in Amal.


Stop by during adoption hours to meet our ever-changing group of kittens.


This is Nomad, also known as the Party Crasher cat. He was discovered living under someone’s couch a couple of days after they’d had a party. Doors had been left open so Nomad apparently wandered in and made himself comfortable! We would love to find this wandering boy a place to call his own. We’ll never know his history but it’s clear from his condition when he came in that he’d had some rough times. He doesn’t ask for much — plenty of food, a comfortable place to sleep, and someone to brush and pet him (a lot). He’s FIV+ but is a happy, healthy guy with no current health issues. Life at the shelter was a little stressful for Nomad — he’s really not a fan of other cats — so he’s hanging out in a foster home until we can find the right forever home. If you’d like more information about this handsome guy, or would like to make arrangements to meet him, email us at


Ash is an easygoing cat, looking to spend the holidays in his forever home. He’s initially a little shy but once he gets comfortable he loves playing, being brushed, and hanging out in bed just being lazy. He enjoys meeting new people, especially when they offer him treats, and his foster mom says he follows her around the apartment keeping tabs on what she’s up to. Ash is not a fan of being picked up and snuggled, so small children would not be a good match for him. He’s currently enjoying a little vacation from the shelter, so if you’d like more information on Ash or would like to make arrangements to meet him in his foster home, please email


Sylvia and Coffee were trapped in the Fall of 2015 as kittens living with their mom and their brother on the street. They were spayed and vetted and after a slow start with socialization in their first foster home, they were ready for their forever home within 6 months. However, the first adopters allowed their brother to escape their building so Sylvia and Coffee returned to their rescuer for more foster. The 2nd adopters were caring and spent the time to slowly gain the girls’ trust, but unfortunately divorced. The cats lost their home as the husband who wanted to keep them, had to move out of military family housing back into the barracks. The sisters are in search of a quiet home as they are escape artists when stressed. Once you gain their trust, they are very playful, loving cats! They would be best as the only cats (Sylvia is less tolerant of other cats than Coffee). This sweet pair is currently in a foster home, so if you would like more information about them, or would like to make arrangements to meet them, please email us at


Do you have a sunny window and a comfortable lap to share? Life at the shelter is a little chaotic for our gentle Molly. She is an around 8-10 years old, front declawed, and just wants a quiet place to call home. She isn’t too interested in playing but she adores cheek rubs and pets.


Don’t be fooled by Hemlock’s perpetually grumpy face — he has an endearing personality. We estimate that he’s about 10 years old, and recently had most of his teeth pulled. We’d love for him to find a comfortable home to spend his retirement years. He came from a home with other cats so we think he’d be okay with an older feline friend.


Ice is a handsome, affectionate cat looking for a quiet home. At age 11, he’s not too interested in playing – he’d much rather sit on your lap or hang out and observe his surroundings. As is common in cats his age he is taking thyroid medication, which he happily devours in a pill pocket. Ice would probably prefer to be an only cat, though he might be okay with a calm and welcoming feline roommate. He definitely needs an adult household – small children are not his thing!


M.J. is a quiet senior cat looking for a quiet, calm place to live out her golden years. She enjoys being brushed and getting some pets, but is equally happy to be on her own just observing what’s going on around her. She requests no young children, please, and would ideally be an only pet.

TINKER TAYLOR — In foster!!

Tinker Taylor is a beautiful, playful 1-year-old cat who needs to find a very special home. She has an incurable neurological condition that impacts her movement and bladder. To learn more about Tinker, click here.