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Ice Cream Cats

Read about the 42 cats that EAS rescued from a home in Evanston – the Ice Cream Cats!

Charlie the Cat

Meet Charlie!

Posted by Evanston Animal Shelter on Monday, March 7, 2022

Charlie the Cat is one special guy. He will test your patience and wear you out, perhaps even make you question your decision to have a cat at all – but he’ll make you fall in love with him! He’s a goofy, active, curious guy who needs some someone willing to engage with him, give him serious active playtime every day, and help him learn how to direct all that energy. In turn, you’ll get endless amusement and some great videos to share. We think Charlie might do well with an understanding dog companion, or a cat buddy who can keep up with his antics.


Just look at that adorable face! Nelson was abandoned at the shelter so we don’t know his history, but we do know he is an affectionate and curious sweetheart and he’s going to be a great snuggle companion for some lucky adopter. He’s about ten years old, so his crazy energetic days are mostly behind him. These days he’s into soft blankets and beds and will politely nudge his foster mom to request “more pets, please!” If you’re ready for a calm, no-drama kind of buddy, Nelson could be just what you need.


Sassy is a big love of a cat. She’s loves a comfy lap, a good brushing session, and a good meal – in no particular order. Sassy is about 8 years old and is looking for a calm, quiet home to share with some lucky human.


Ginger girl Bella is looking for a quiet home to call her own. She's sweet and affectionate but prefers to initiate attention on her own terms — she has an independent streak for sure. Bella can be easily frightened by too much commotion so she'd prefer an adults-only home with an experienced cat person who will understand and appreciate her quirks. She's about 6 years old, spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccines.

Eggnog & Milk-n-Cereal

It might be impossible to find a sweeter pair than Eggnog and Milk n Cereal! Their foster mom describes them both as playful, affectionate, and shy lap cats. Eggnog is a talkative guy, chirping occasionally as he explores the house. He’s typically very gentle but has been known to use his size to get food and pets before his smaller sidekick. Milk n Cereal is curious and loves to explore, carrying her favorite toy in her mouth. Both cats are initially shy, but given the chance to get comfortable, they’ll love to be invited to join you on the couch. These two are good buddies and are looking for a home together.

Heath & Blackberry Hibiscus

They may seem like a bit of an odd couple but Heath and Blackberry Hibiscus really make a great pair. Heath, with his luxurious fur and some of the most incredible whiskers known to mankind, will headbutt your hand for more pets, and when he rolls over he really does want you to pet his belly! When he's had enough he calmly walks away and quietly observes from his favorite cat tree. He enjoys being groomed, a necessity with such a beautiful coat. Blackberry Hibiscus is very curious about humans and their activities, but isn't interested in pets — she prefers to mingle and watch. She does LOVE to play — she entertains herself with toys but also enjoys a wand toy with a human on the other end. An old injury or damage from an untreated infection caused her to lose one eye after she came to us, but she has adapted beautifully. These quirky and beautiful cats are looking for a home together, with some patient folks who will be happy to watch them blossom.

Short Stack

This adorable young cat was found as a stray and brought to us by a concerned citizen. Since she was found near a pancake place, we named her Short Stack. She's playful, affectionate, curious, and likes to snuggle in a lap or perch on her foster mom's shoulder. Young children might not be a good match since she doesn't enjoy being picked up, but she would very much like a calm house where she can receive plenty of attention.


Rookie's foster family describes her as playful and funny, a great snuggler and lap cat. She enjoys games that let her practice her hunting skills, but is happiest hanging out with her teenage human friends. Rookie is a petite 3-year-old, fully vetted, and ready for her new home.


"Personal space? What's that?" The concept is foreign to Derby — wherever you are, he expects to be invited to join. He's playful, curious, affectionate and active — hide your breakable collectibles if he's around! This guy is the life of the party, and if he's a little overly exuberant, well, it just adds to his charm. When he's not in the midst of a play session, he loves to find a lap for a good nap. Derby is about two years old (so the energy may start to wane a bit before too much longer) and ready for his new home.

Stormy Gray

Anyone looking for a sweet, easygoing, low-maintenance companion, we've got you covered! Two-year-old Stormy Gray is a playful, affectionate cat looking for her new home. She may be a bit shy at first, but she'll quickly warm up, and before you know it she'll be climbing into your lap for pets and lots of attention. Stormy Gray was found outside and rescued by some caring citizens who brought her to us. Now we’re ready to give her the new loving home she deserves! Stormy is fully vetted and ready to go.

Maple Nut & Mississippi Mud

Playful, curious and independent, Maple Nut and Mississippi Mud are looking for a home together. Maple Nut, the adorable orange girl, is just about a year old, loves to play, and seeks out affection from the humans in the house. Her buddy, Mississippi Mud, is a little more reserved, playing mostly in the evening and preferring to observe rather than join in with whatever the humans may be doing. Both are very gentle girls and will be lovely, low-maintenance companions.


Wallenda believes that good things come to those who wait -- so if you’re willing to wait until she feels comfortable, she'll reward your patience with gentle purrs and sweet head butts. And when she’s really feeling safe, she’ll come sit in your lap. And in addition to patience, some delicious treats are helpful! She’s also very playful, and is partial to fuzzy stuffed mouse toys. Wallenda is about a year old, spayed and ready for her new home.