We are still unable to proceed with adoptions of adult cats, but are now accepting applications from those interested in adopting kittens. We're having to change how we do things, and hope you will bear with us as we adjust to the times.

Here's what you need to know before moving forward:

  • The Evanston Animal Shelter only adopts kittens out in pairs (2 littermates) unless there is already a young, playful cat already in the home.
  • The kittens that we take in are typically found outside, often living in a garage or under a porch. We have no way of predicting how many we will eventually receive or when they will arrive. If you have an approved application on file, we will contact you when kittens become available.
  • We are prohibited by law from adopting out un-neutered or un-spayed animals. Our adoption fee covers the cost of spay or neuter surgery, but the procedure is not done until the kittens are approximately five months old -- up until that time, they will be considered foster animals. We also cover the cost their initial series of vaccinations during this foster period.

If you'd like start the process, please complete our online application, and we'll be in touch.