Are you ready for a good time? I’m Louie, and I cannot wait to find my forever family. I’m only a year old, so I really am just a big, goofy puppy. More than anything, I love to play. Because I’m so young, I do need training, but since I’m so eager to please, I’ll make you proud! If you want a dog that’s up for any adventure, come and meet me!

Size: 50 lbs.
Energy level: High
Kids: No
Dogs: Possible with the right fit
Cats: Not yet tested


I’m a young and active seven-month-old puppy who just wants to learn! I look to my handler for direction and when I see that you’re happy, it makes me even happier than I already am! I would do best in a house with people who can teach me good manners and have the patience to bear with me in the meantime. Even though I’m currently at the shelter, I make the most of every day and have a happy-go-lucky outlook on life! I love other dogs and every single person I meet, but I may be too much for very young kids.

Size: 45 lbs. and growing
Energy level: High
Kids: Ages 10+
Dogs: Please!
Cats: With the right fit


I came to the shelter after I was bought off Craigslist by a family that was not ready for me — they almost just left me on the street! I’m about a year old and I love every single person I’ve met. I’m housebroken and pretty quiet, and would love to go through a training class with my new person to learn some better manners. Overall, I’m an easy dog who would love to cuddle with you on the couch after playing some tug-o-war! I haven’t played with dogs yet so the volunteers at the shelter aren’t sure how I’d do, but from my leash manners, they think it’s possible!

Size: 50 lbs.
Energy level: Medium to high
Kids: 10+ (maybe younger if they’ve been around dogs before — I lived with a 3-year-old!)
Dogs: Maybe, with the right fit
Cats: Not yet tested


Are you looking for a big, silly, handsome goofball that’ll love you forever? I would love to be that dog for you! I’m three years old and my puppy years (and behaviors) are far behind me. While I can be a little nervous around new people, especially men, I’m easily won over with some food and time. I’m a strong boy that enjoys adventurous exercise, like hikes, and then would enjoy a quiet home to unwind in. I’m eager to learn new tricks and am as smart as they come!

Size: 60 lbs.
Energy level: Moderate
Kids: Ages 15+
Dogs: Not for me – I want you all to myself!
Cats: No thanks!


Hi! My name is Jackson. I am a nervous guy so I need to find a human family with no children who will take time to earn my trust. Once I trust you, I will be the most loyal companion you have ever had. I might be able to live with another calm dog but I’d prefer to be your one and only. Oh — did I mention you have to have a yard? I am the best leash walker ever and I walk by your side with no pulling, but I have never learned to take care of my business while on leash — I only do that when I am able to roam in the yard.

Size: 75 lbs.
Energy level: Low
Kids: No!
Dogs: Probably not
Cats: Not tested


Hi, we’re Gaia and Goliath. We’re a boy and girl pair that found our way to the shelter after our owner sadly passed away. We’re both about five years old and are totally bonded. We balance each other out really well with Goliath being the couch potato and Gaia being a little more active. They say things are better in twos and we definitely confirm that!

Size: Each 60 lbs.
Energy level: Medium to high
Kids: Yes!
Dogs: Possibly
Cats: Possibly


The volunteers here at the shelter keep trying to figure out what kind of dog I am, but one thing they all agree on is that I am a handsome guy. I have a lot of energy and am pretty strong, so I’m learning how to walk nicely on a leash but it is a work in process. We’ll get along better if you are not a first-time dog owner and you’ve had some experience with big strong guys like me.

Size: 50 lbs.
Energy level: High
Kids: Older
Dogs: Not yet tested
Cats: Not yet tested


I’m Wilbur, and I’m the definition of a gentle giant. I’m around 80 pounds with the biggest head you’ve ever seen! Despite my size, I truly believe I am a lap dog. If anyone disagrees, I make sure to prove them wrong. While I am gentle with people, I am very strong, so I need an experienced owner who can get me the exercise I need. Yes, that means kicking me off the couch because all I want to do is snuggle. If you’re up for the task and want the best friend you could ask for, come meet me at the shelter!

Size: 80 lbs.
Energy level: Medium to high
Kids: Older, because I’m so big and strong!
Dogs: Nope, I want you all to myself!
Cats: No thanks


I am a tiny little thing, but I haven’t figured that out yet. I think I’m as big as the other dogs and I won’t hesitate to let everyone know. I am 9 years old but have the energy of a much younger dog. Let’s go on long walks together and then I’ll follow you around wherever you go. I am not exactly a lap dog, but I love being near you! Please email to meet me!

Size: 12 lbs.
Energy level: High
Kids: Older & respectful
Dogs: No
Cats: No


Hi! My name is Piper, and I love people!

I’m happiest when there is someone on the couch to snuggle. I enjoy slow, leisurely walks outside, because I like to sniff everything. My first humans didn’t understand how to take care of a diabetic dog. I was 8 pounds when they surrendered me, but now I’m a healthy 13 pounds! I need two measured meals a day, on schedule, followed by an insulin shot; my foster parents call this ‘tummy time’. Because of the diabetes, I don’t see very well in low light, so I may bark and growl at you when you enter the room until I smell you; then I know that I love you! I’m a good girl! I’ve been learning to sit and stay at doors until my human says, “all done”. I also know down, here, no, and paw. I used to know dance too, but then I got hurt. I had hip surgery, and the doctors found a fracture in my bone, so they had to shorten my leg. When I run, I gallop on three legs, but it’s important to make me walk slow so that I’ll exercise my healing leg. When I had surgery, the doctors found five lumps in my breasts. They took them out. One was pre-cancerous, but it’s gone. I’ve had a tough time, but I’m a happy pupper and I’m excited to meet my forever humans! I’m in foster right now, so email to set up a time to meet me!