In order to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, and the public, we are conducting dog adoptions outside and by appointment only. Please fill out an application if you are interested.


in foster

Hello! My name is Ross and I know my looks turn heads on the streets. When I go on walks, people often stop my foster parents to comment on how cute I am! Although I might be shy at first, I warm up quickly and love cuddling with the people I trust. I’m completely crate-trained and am recently potty-trained, so I’m ready to move in with a loving family. I promise to bring lots of laughter to your family with my quirky and silly antics.

I love other dogs, too! Although not a requirement, I’d love to be in a home with another dog.

Size: 60 lb.
Energy level: Puppy energy!
Kids: Yes!
Dogs: Yes!
Cats: Not yet tested


in foster

My name is Ferris, and like Ferris Bueller, I love Chicago and enjoy adventuring around the city. I am the biggest love bug around — I love giving kisses, getting belly rubs, and snuggling in laps of anyone I meet. I warmed up to my foster mom immediately and have had almost no trouble adjusting. I can either be up for long walks in the park or sleeping on the couch because I have the energy and silliness of a puppy but the behavior and calm demeanor of an older dog. So far I know how to sit and show my paw, but I’m a quick learner so I’ll catch on fast! I am fabulous on the leash, happy in my crate, and haven’t had a single accident in the house. I’m looking for a loving family to spend my time with!

Size: 63 lb. but look smaller — I’m stocky!
Energy level: Medium/Low — I can be up for walks but am perfectly happy snuggling and sleeping
Kids: Not yet tested but I’ve been absolutely sweet with people
Dogs: I’m probably better being on my own!
Cats: Not yet tested


in foster

Orange you glad you get to see all these adorable pictures of me? My name’s Clementine, and I’m the sweetest cutie around. I may not have had the easiest past, but that hasn’t stopped me from being as easygoing and lovable as can be. I warm up to my foster family’s friends quickly and have been enjoying the company while I put on some weight and my leg heals. I’m looking for a snuggle buddy (or a few!) to spend my time with. If goofy smiles, nonstop cuddles, and wiggly tail wags sound a-peel-ing to you, I think you’ve found your match!

Size: 45 lb. but I have some weight to gain
Energy level: Medium, I have a healing broken leg so indoor play is my current favorite
Kids: Yes, please!
Dogs: Yes, but I need calmer ones while I heal
Cats: Not yet tested


in foster

Hi, I’m Bailey! I’m a spunky 50-lb. bundle of love! If you adopt me I will be your bestest friend! I’m a little shy at first, but tend to warm up quickly. I’m fully potty-trained and working hard at being completely crate-trained. My foster family is teaching me all kinds of tricks — I’ll do anything for a tasty treat! So far I know how to sit and stay, but I’m a quick learner so I’ll catch on fast! I like all kinds of people, but I do better in a home with another dog. I am a ladies’ man though, so female dogs are best for me! Being outside and playing with sticks is my favorite, or chewing on delicious raw hides. But, I’m also a lean mean cuddle machine, if you let me sleep with you in bed you won’t regret it! Quirky, silly, and all-around goofball is how I like to live my life. If you like to laugh and smile, I’m your guy!

Size: 50 lb.
Energy level: Lots of puppy energy!
Kids: Sure, but I do like my space as well, so kids who will respect that!
Dogs: Yes, females please!
Cats: Not yet tested