Please note our new address: 2222 Oakton Street. We are open for dog adoptions on Fridays (3pm-5pm), Saturdays (3pm-5pm), Sundays (12pm-3pm), and by appointment. Please fill out an adoption questionnaire if you are interested.

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Meet Rhett! Rhett arrived at our shelter down on his luck. Beneath the kennel stress beats a heart brimming with love, waiting for the right person to unlock it. As a stray, we don’t know much about his past, but Rhett remains a gentle soul. His tail wags a little stronger each day. Rhett is ready to find his forever family that will love him and his quirks unconditionally! As a senior boy, Rhett is over the high-energy antics and just wants some company from humans and dogs, alike! Oh, and chicken. Rhett loves chicken! He might be a little shut down now, but Rhett’s gentle spirit and hopeful eyes promise a lifetime of devotion. Open your heart and home, and watch Rhett’s love truly flourish.

Size: 65 lb.
Energy level: Low – he’s a senior boy!
Kids: Ages 10+, he just likes to hang but little kids may be overwhelming
Dogs: Yes!
Cats: Not tested, but I’m pretty gentle!


Meet Bindi! This young pup is a ball of playful energy with a heart of pure sweetness. Don’t be fooled by those puppy-dog eyes, though! Bindi is extremely smart and a quick learner who’s eager to please. She thrives on attention and is ready to shower you with love, but she’ll also need someone excited to teach her the ropes of doggy life. Bindi would love a forever family with the time and love to invest in training her bright and playful self. With Bindi by your side, life will be in technicolor. Are you ready for a furry adventure? Bindi is waiting to meet you!

Size: 50 lb. but will likely grow a bit
Energy level: High – she still has some puppy in her
Kids: Yes, but could easily knock over littles
Dogs: Possibly
Cats: Not for me!


Life is about balance, and I’ve got the perfect mix of sugar and spice! I’m a great size and the staff here says I’m one of the neatest dogs they’ve ever met. I’m a little stressed at the shelter, so my true personality isn’t quite shining through, but I have a goofy side I can’t wait to share with someone who busts me out of here! My bark may be big, but my heart is much bigger, and I hope to show you that!

Size: 50 lb.
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Ages 10+
Dogs: Not for me!
Cats: No thanks!


Meet Stanley! This gentle giant came to us as a stray – severely underweight, scared, covered in sores, and a little stinky, but with a heart of gold. Since he joined us at the shelter, Stanley has not only gained some much-needed weight but also his confidence! He is as smart as he is goofy, frequently tumbling over for belly rubs. He loves to play, go on long walks, and is eager to learn all the tricks. Stanley would love to come home with you so he can get his medicated baths, work for treats, and snuggle with you all day long. His ideal home would be with someone patient and willing to give him the structure he needs as he learns what it means to have security and a loving home. If you dream of a loyal companion who’s your biggest cheerleader, Stan’s your man!

Size: 60 lb. but has some weight to gain
Energy level: High – he’s getting to reliver puppyhood now that he’s feeling better!
Kids: Older – he could easily knock over small kids!
Dogs: Not right now – maybe down the road
Cats: Not tested


Hello life of luxury! Meet Dior, a total babe who is looking for her second chance at the good life! Dior is the perfect dog – she’s gentle and playful, and would love more than anything to spend her days snuggled up with you! She is a sweet soul who can’t help but wiggle when she sees her favorite humans. Dior prefers the finer things in life, like rolling in the grass, chasing birds, and getting the best belly rubs. She is as smart as she is sweet and would love to learn all the new TikTok trends! Are you looking for a loyal companion who will shower you with love? Dior could be your perfect match!

Size: 45 lb.
Energy level: Medium, a walk and some cuddles will do it for her!
Kids: Yes please!
Dogs: Yes please!
Cats: Not tested


The days of being an emaciated stray covered in urine stains and sleeping in places no one ever should are far behind me! People at the shelter tell me I’ve come such a long way, and I’m quickly maturing into a pretty awesome dog. I’m smart, handsome, and snuggly — the three best traits in a dog! I’ve never known the good life, but hoping that could change with you ASAP!

Size: 50 lb.
Energy level: Medium-high, I love to play and adventure!
Kids: Ages 13+, I’m still learning how to dog!
Dogs: Not for me, I want all your love!
Cats: Not tested


This tall, handsome, peculiar dude came to us in January and has had our hearts since! Raylan is a stoic fella who doesn’t always wear his heart on his sleeve, but we can’t really blame him considering he’s looking for a family of his own. He might make you pay for his love in treats, but the return on investment is one of the best around! Ray may look like a big tough guy, but he’ll hop around like a little bunny once he knows you’re his person! He’d be perfect if you’re looking for a partner-in-crime or a partner-in-life, whichever you prefer!

Size: 65 lb.
Energy level: Medium – let’s go for a nice long walk but cuddles are a must!
Kids: Ages 13+, I’m a big guy!
Dogs: I prefer females
Cats: Not tested


Meet Dolce! This girl lives up to her name – she is as sweet as they come, despite finding herself in a kennel. Life is sweeter with Dolce. She is easygoing, a quick learner, and excited to meet her forever family! Dolce is eager to please and would be a star anywhere she goes. Over everything else, Dolce enjoys spending time with her humans and would be super content tagging along with you anywhere! Come down to the shelter to meet Dolce – she is ready to live the sweet life with you!

Size: 55 lb.
Energy level: Medium – she’s a good-time gal, but that could be cuddles or playtime
Kids: Yes!
Dogs: With the right fit, she likes calmer dogs
Cats: Not tested


In foster

Sweet Eb loves you so much, she’ll shout it from the rooftops and you haven’t even met her yet! Once a skinny and stinky stray girl, Ebony has blossomed into a beautiful dog both inside and out. She’s outgoing and such a happy-go-lucky kind of gal! She may be a bit on the bigger side, but she’s got the heart to match and will show you that every single day. She’s also a comedian, as if you needed any more convincing to come meet her!

Size: 65 lb.
Energy level: Medium – a walk and some zoomies make for a perfect pre-nap outing
Kids: Yes, but I may knock little humans over
Dogs: Not yet tested
Cats: Not yet tested


In foster

Rudy = FUN! He’s young, he’s handsome, and he’s ready to party — but only for a little bit because then it’s snuggle and nap time!!! We can’t believe this sweet face has not been adopted, he is rainbows and butterflies and sugar and candy — all the best things in life! This little dude was found tied up, but he hasn’t let that get him down. He’s chunking up and waiting on YOU to come take him home!

Size: 40 lb.
Energy level: Mediumish – he enjoys being active but likes to settle down with a chew toy
Kids: Sure! But he’s still learning manners
Dogs: Yes, please!
Cats: Not tested


In foster

I was tied to a dumpster near a junkyard and left with so many wounds all over my body. I’m understandably a little nervous at the shelter, but I’m so easily won over with a single treat and a nice little head scratch. If you want a dog who’s going to get stopped on every walk to hear how handsome he is, I’m your dude! A place to snuggle up with you is all I’m looking for – I’m an easy to please kind of guy and can’t wait to find a family of my own!

Size: 60 lb., but a little underweight
Energy level: Medium, a nice walk and some training tires me out
Kids: Ages 16+
Dogs: Not for me!
Cats: No thanks!


In foster

I may look like a big tough guy, but I’m soft as mush for the people I love! I’ve had a rough past including being on the run in the bitter cold winter last year but the team here is doing their best to find my perfect home. I’m a bit of a shy dude at first and it might take a visit or two to warm up to new people, but I’m trying really hard to be the best me I can be. Someone who has patience to help me learn is a must and in return you’ll get endless cuddles and zoomies that’ll make your day! I know I can make someone happy and I’m hoping it’s you!

Size: 55 lb. but a little chonky right now
Energy level: Medium
Kids: Ages 16+
Dogs: Not for me!
Cats: No thanks!