Capital Campaign

Evanston Animal Shelter Association

The capital campaign to build the new Evanston Animal Shelter 2024

Donors who contribute $1,000 or more will be memorialized on the donor wall in the shelter lobby. Contact Vicky Pasenko at for more information.


Available Naming Opportunities

Medical Suite → $150,000
Cat Colony #1 → $100,000
Food Pantry → $100,000
Maternity/Puppy Room → $25,000
Small Dog Adoption Room → $25,000
Dog Get Acquainted Yard → $10,000
Outdoor Dog Run → $10,000
TNR Recovery & Wildlife → $10,000
West Dog Run → $10,000

Community Room → $250,000
Lobby → $150,000
Cat Colony #2 → $75,000
Adoptable Cat Room → $50,000
Dog Intake Room → $50,000
Cat Get Acquainted Rooms → $25,000 (2 available)
Cat Intake Room → $25,000
Dog Holding Kennels → $20,000 (2 available)
Dog Isolation Kennel → $20,000
Cat Holding Room → $20,000
Cat Isolation Room → $20,000
Laundry Room → $10,000

Anonymous Donor → $100,000
Cary Rosen → $6,500
Felisa Kaplan → $5,600
Mayari Pritzker → $5,000

The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare
Anonymous – In Honor of Davidson Ream
Chester’s Pantry - The Altenbernd Hagerty Family
Comet’s Puppy Palace - Elizabeth Tisdahl
Bodie’s Small Dog and Puppy Adoption Room - Mary and Paul Finnegan
Robbie & Archie’s Dog GA Room – Alvin Beatty
Moonbeam’s Get Acquainted Yard - Janelle Joseph
For Attie & Sonny - Paul Nebenzahl
For Joan Schoonover - Vicky & Robert Pasenko
Rex’s Play Yard - Laurie McCollum (Warchausky)

($100,000 1-1 challenge completed for new gifts)



Meet Our Donors

The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare
Anonymous (2)
The Altenbernd Hagerty Family
Elizabeth Tisdahl
Mary and Paul Finnegan
Alvin Beatty
Janelle Joseph
The Warschausky Family
Paul Nebenzahl
Vicky and Robert Pasenko
Felisa Kaplan
Mayari Pritzker
Cary Rosen
Ron and Harriet Meyer
Channing Grigsby
Jill Cabot
Kelly Marcelle and Tim Davitt
Alisa Kaplan
Dorothy Harza
Eleanor Revelle
Rita and Bob Bailey
Scott Sowerby
Susan A. Adam
Vicki Seglin
Caryn Weiner

Emma Dolan
Michael Callaway
Joyce Hodel
Sandra Taylor
Lynn and Ted Trautmann
Jessica Taba
Erin Fowler
Barry Clements
Cara Gaziano
Patricia Lechowica
Gerald Rawling
Sarah Bernauer
Sean Moffat
Gordon and Laura Kaplan
Jean Butzen
Jonathan Greene
Karen Asbra
Katherine McDermott
Melanie Hanna
Nona Flores
Brittany Kirk
Leslie Warren
Shannon Daggett
Angela Barker
Barbara Sittler
Bill Patti

Dee Katauskas
Elizabeth Hopp-Peters
Ereka Funkhouser
Jenny Grist
Judith Pieper
Julie Rodriguez Aldort
Laien McFarlane
Maureen Davies
Mie Kongo
Peter Glaser
Sally Lupel
Sharon Avery
Sherry K. Carpenter
Elizabeth Bulf
Alicia Aiken
Jena PitmanLeung
Jessica Rosenbaum
Lonnie Dunlap
Lorraine Williams
Sally Macnamara
Susan Yount
Zipporah Porton
Emma Garl Smith
Amanda Jacobs
Claudia Kovitz
Kristin Schiller

Sue Gregor
E Baltzer
Darcy Goals
Sara Chatfield
Michael Eli Satut
Rebecca Rosales
Hanna Seltzer
Jeanine Brownell
Mary Ransford
Jennifer Fry
Katherine Kurda
Amy Parker
Barbara Gardner
Judy M. Bard
Laura Kushner
Michael Moran
Rachel Weiss
Susan Cherry
Lynn and Greg Friedman
Michael Knoop
Renee Tawa
Fred DeMarco
Karen Tekverk
Rebecca Zwolinski
Omar Ansari
Daniel Kiss
Smriti Wagle