Ice Cream Cats

Meet the Ice Cream Cats

Read about how EAS rescued several dozen cats from an Evanston home

Scooping up 42 cats

The amazing cats pictured here are survivors of a house fire in Evanston. The shelter’s involvement started with a call from the Evanston Police Department to come pick up “six or eight” cats on the scene but quickly turned into an undertaking unlike anything we’d seen before. Over the next four days, shelter staff, wearing Tyvek suits, gloves and masks, pulled cats out of the house. They trapped them, wrangled them, scooped them into carriers – whatever they could do to get them out. At the end of the first day, 28 cats had been rescued. When all was said and done, the total was 42. Seven were transferred to other groups, and 35 remained in our care. See more about the rescue from Fox 32's news coverage.

On the Rocky Road to good health

What followed was a series of vet visits, vaccinations, microchips and general exams for everyone, followed by a marathon day of spays and neuters done by one of our partner vets, and a series of more specialized vet visits for eye issues, serious dental disease and more. To address their socialization needs, we rented a storefront that allowed them to stay together, without cages – an arrangement that wasn’t possible in our tiny building. Helping them heal from the multiple traumas they’d suffered became our mission.

They’d never had individual names before, so we made a point of changing that. They are now the Baskin Robbins 31(ish) Flavor cats, each with an ice cream flavor inspired name. They are anonymous no more!

Ice Cream Social-ization

Over the past two months, these cats have made progress we wouldn’t have dared hope for. Formerly shut down cats are climbing into laps and asking for attention, cats of all ages are racing back and forth playing with boundless energy, and all are thriving. Their resilience has been inspiring for us to witness.

Take home your favorite flavor

And now it’s time for them to begin to move on to the next chapter in their lives. We’re looking for people interested in fostering, or even adopting, our Ice Cream cats. Some have ongoing medical needs, some are particularly shy and will need a little help getting comfortable in a new home, but all are gentle and loveable. If you’re interested in adopting an Ice Cream Cat, complete a survey today. You may also reserve a spot to meet them during their "debut" on Saturday, October 30 and Friday, November 5!